Importance of Scripture

From the beginnings of our life that we depend on a Primary Social Group , our family, to be able to solve the basic needs of Food, Shelter and Hygiene , until our development allows us to stand on our own, being at this time our tool only Crying o Babbling as a gesture of disapproval or a way to get the attention of our parents, who will notice or investigate what is bothering us.

Subsequently, and with a better Cognitive Development , we begin to babble and emit the first words, Oral Language being a way of repeating what we hear and we begin to develop some Simple Dialogues to be able to ask for something specific, beginning first by isolated words and later joining concepts to develop Complex Phrases that allow us to communicate with adults correctly.

This concerns the development of our Oral Language , which allows us to start our Communication with the world, these concepts being reinforced with the concept of Literacy , where we are taught to do Handwritten Scriptures when we attend our Basic Primary Education, learning to read and write , further expanding our communication possibilities.

The writing marks a before and after in our Personal History , but it is also important for Universal History in general, since oral stories and traditions are lost or modified depending on the interlocutor, while the writings are about Historical Documents, where an author sends a message to a recipient, being irrefutable proof of its content.

That is why a Written Message has, in addition to the possibility of being able to reach more recipients, the condition of remaining in time, being a Lasting Message as long as the Scriptural Supports that have been used during the task of Writing, in addition to its importance for the formation of a Culture and Traditions as it is in the case of Books, Magazines and publications of the Graphic Media in general.


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