Importance of Reading and writing

Culture is essential for anyone. Each country has a social, religious, economic, cultural activity, etc. different and all that is reflected in the different types of writings that normally collect, if not all, most of the knowledge from that area, from that country, etc. But in order to know it, the human being has to learn something as easy and, at the same time, as complicated as reading and writing. Reading means knowing in its practical part the language and how it is constructed from a morphological, syntactic, verbal point of view, etc. In addition, you must know the resources, whether literary, administrative, etc. of the language itself.

All this will help us not only to understand better what we know, but also so that when we approach the reading of a text, it is not much easier to understand. As for writing, it is much more complicated. We must bear in mind that if we do not know the language, or if we are talking about young children, the difficulty is that we have to associate symbols with some letters and, in turn, associate them with a sound. The combination of those sounds forms syllables, the combination of these: words, the combination of these: sentences, and the combination of these: paragraphs.

With all this, little by little and depending on the difficulty of the language, we can create texts of all kinds. Reading and writing is important for anyone who wants to have a minimal knowledge of reality. We will not only have the ability to read all kinds of texts, but also to interpret them. In addition, knowing how to read and write allows anyone to take advantage of this lack to deceive or to sign any type of document to take advantage of what they may have. It is not easy to admit in the age in which we live that we may be lacking or ignore reading or writing.

But even so, it is important that we have the decision to want to learn because this is going to fill us as people and endow us with a culture that is very important and that we can use whenever we need and in the way we want to do it. By having this knowledge, we will depend less on third parties and we will be able to make decisions without having to consult these with anyone but us. Reading and writing not only means knowing, it means independence , it means decision-making power and, above all, being able to express ourselves and know a number of texts of all kinds that will open up, not only knowledge, but also our mind to a reality that until then we did not know.


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