Importance of Languages

As human beings, we are completely related to the environment that surrounds us, receiving a large number of stimuli that promote different responses or drives that arise as a result of a change at the physical and chemical level in the perceptual organs , which subsequently send data through from the Nervous System to the organ that interprets them, the Brain, and later that information is what allows us to Sensory Perception of all our surroundings.

This relationship occurs in a complete and constant way, and it is so that from the first moment man needs and performs actions to Communicate with the Environment , beginning by establishing himself in the role of Issuer of what he seeks to transmit, this being a Message that it is transmitted on the one hand by the appropriate Communication Channel , while on the other hand it must be broadcast in a suitable Language .

The latter is part of the importance of Communicative Competence , a concept that we must understand as the set of characteristics or qualities that the Recipient of the message must have in order to receive it, interpret it and make a response according to what we are waiting for at the moment. in which we transmit it, or an exchange can be made to give rise to a Communication .

Among these competencies is that we find Language or Languages , being important to support three fundamental criteria of communication, on the one hand Syntactics as the correct use of linguistic signs, Semantics as the correct use of the terms and concepts used in the message, and finally the Pragmatics , which directly analyzes the actions or responses that are taken into account.

Surely we are familiar with regard to language incompatibilities , knowing the cases in which we make a trip to another country and we need to communicate and we do not know how, perhaps the most common being the English language that we must learn in order to solve this problem in other countries.


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