Importance of Reading in Primary

Reading in Primary is a key factor for the correct development of children . Thus, learning to read in primary school is completely essential to acquire a good education , cultural training and therefore develop our intelligence .

It is necessary to start from the base that reading is inculcated and begins to be understood long before writing . Thus, without knowing how to read previously, even if they are the most essential letters, the child will find it difficult to learn to write.

A person who cannot read can hardly be prepared for the rest of their learning . That is why it is so important that at such an early age, in which children absorb all kinds of knowledge as if they were real sponges, reading is encouraged and children begin to understand how it works.

Not so many years ago, the literacy rate was much lower, scandalously lower, than it is today. Learning to read meant that this literacy increased considerably, ensuring that people could access more qualified positions and people were better trained; and it is that we remember that formerly the learning was destined to the wealthy classes, leaving therefore a large number of people without notions of reading or writing.

Fortunately, this has changed, and with public education we have enabled our children to learn to read from a very young age, thus being able to properly train to hold jobs in the future, from the simplest to the most complex.

It should be noted that a correct learning of reading methods is completely linked to school failure or success . Thus, children who have difficulties learning to read in primary school and who subsequently do not have reinforcement from their families and teachers, are more likely to end in school failure. For this reason, it is important for teachers to focus on those children who present greater problems when they start reading.

Thanks to reading, the child is able to develop his attention and concentration, two key factors to be able to understand and learn. In addition, reading can generate reflection and dialogue, something that will help us form critical individuals with their own opinions.

Lastly, although reading itself is essential for learning, it should be noted that by promoting reading in Primary children, we will also broaden their horizons in terms of leisure and fun . They will be able to enjoy a good story, therefore increasing their imagination and stimulating it to the maximum.


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