Importance of Reading Comprehension

Since we are little we are used to receiving different Stimuli to develop our intellect and to learn to overcome different difficulties, remembering for example those Didactic Games in which we learn to differentiate Shapes and Colors , beginning to develop our cognitive abilities and forming our intellect and basic knowledge .

Later, Initial Education arrives where these concepts are reinforced and it is in Basic Primary Education where we begin to develop our Reading and Writing skills (which is often called Literacy ) and we begin to have a greater interaction with the world, especially at the time of Literature .

Surely many of us have gone through school assignments in which we were assigned the Reading of a Story , regardless of its length, and we were asked some questions about the Main Characters , make a brief summary of the Argument or some detailed questions. on the details of Important Facts that were detailed in the narration .

This work aims to develop our Reading Comprehension , which is basically the evaluation of what we have interpreted or understood in a particular narration, extracting what is called the Main Ideas that mark precisely the essence of what we have read, in addition to giving place to the Main Concepts that are overturned in the content of the narration or the text that we have analyzed.

The Reading comprehension is then the basis for the interpretation of a text, regardless of its length, applied not only when the reading , but also when need study and incorporate new knowledge , being an exercise that perform even constantly and automated , when we read something and transmit it to another person, spreading the message and its content.

It is also important to know the Reading Comprehension by a recipient of a message to know even if the Issuer has written it correctly, if what he has tried to say has been interpreted correctly and if the response obtained is as expected


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