Importance of Creativity

Creativity is one of the most important and useful capacities of the human being . This is so because it allows him, precisely, to create and invent new things, objects, elements from what already exists in the world. The idea of ​​creativity comes precisely from the previous idea of ​​”creating”, for which the act of inventing or generating something new is always linked to a greater or lesser degree with the use of the mentioned skill.

If we consider that the human being is characterized by adapting nature and what surrounds him to his needs, we will understand why creativity is central to this: the ability to think of something new and better is what makes society and human civilization ultimately advances towards new and better forms of coexistence .

Creativity arises in the human being mainly as a means of subsistence. Why? Because man has had to understand throughout time and history that the problems that were presented to him could be solvable and that it was worth looking for an alternative, something new, a solution that would allow him to move on. This was the case when around 8500 BC the human being learned to cultivate the seeds that he previously collected and thus managed to revolutionize history but also improve his life and ensure his subsistence.

Creativity is scientifically analyzed to better understand human behavior

We have already pointed out that creativity is the means by which the human being can, in short, subsist. Creativity is directly related to the act of creating. For science, this has always been an element of deep interest and since the functioning of the human brain began to be studied with greater rigor until the present day, theories that speak of creativity are many. Currently, it is accepted in the academic field that the human brain works in a very particular way: each hemisphere makes its contribution so that we can develop different attitudes, learning, actions, survival strategies, etc.

The cerebral hemispheres theory marks that the left hemisphere is the one that allows us to develop logical, mathematical, rational, linguistic, structured and ordered attitudes. Creativity does not take place as much in this hemisphere, but it does exist in the right hemisphere. This is responsible for everything we imagine, for what we believe possible, for freedom and for feeling powerful to create anything. There , too, feelings are located , which often acts as a trigger for new inventions: love, fear.

Creative people are the ones who look for the most solutions to life’s problems

It is normal to think that only those who write the lyrics of a song are creative, who paints a new work of art every day, who has the facility to generate melodies from nothing, who builds wonderful architectural pieces. Reality tells us that creativity is present in many things because the creative is constantly looking for solutions to new problems that arise day by day. Creativity is always based on an abstract and non-concrete idea that can be inspired by already existing things, objects or situations. Thus, creativity involves working with what we already have at our disposal but transforming it (to a greater or lesser extent) to create something completely new with it. Creativity is, at the same time, an abstract projection of something that can be built, which is why it always implies aexercise of looking towards the future through that element that is created.

However, it is clear that there are people who have a much more developed sense of creativity. They are usually the ones that look at their feelings, their opinion, their surroundings, their imagination. People who manage to find alternatives to an action in response to a stimulus are also creative, for example a footballer who knows that he will lose the ball if he kicks it from a point far from the goal and must then find another way to make the goal. There are studies carried out by specialists from the University of California that establish that sleep, that is, the correct sleep, makes people 60% more creative and allows them to better develop their imaginations.

This is why creativity is an essential trait of the person and although there are some personalities who may have a more developed sense of creativity than others, we are all somehow able to create and invent new things, ideas or reflections taking taking into account the existing cultural baggage.


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