Importance of the Plot (literature)

The literature is a complex network of genres, styles, trends and technical resources. These components are the fundamental tools with which the writer elaborates his stories. And all this, combining real and fictitious elements. The end result is a literary work.

Among the elements that make up literature, there is one that is essential, the plot. A definition could be the following: plot is the central plot of a narrative . Therefore, the plot must be brief and precise, an explanatory brushstroke so that we have a rough idea of ​​what the whole story will offer us throughout its reading.

The plot is a very concrete synthesis , in which the narrative details are not explained or clarified. The plot or plot offers a very condensed advertisement, an excerpt. Therefore, it is mandatory to explain it in a few lines, enough for the reader to have an interest in starting to read. If the plot approach is attractive and suggestive, the potential reader is going to have to make a decision: feel trapped by the message or, on the contrary, consider that it is a journey that is not worth starting.

Everything that takes place throughout the events that are being described (characters, settings, dialogues …) will revolve around the nuclear element of the plot. From it, the common thread that the narrator develops will incite the reader to immerse himself in the story.

In the process prior to literary creation, the writer builds a basic mental scheme, a fundamental idea from which he will develop a creative world. That central idea is going to be the core of the plot. And the possibilities of development from an argument are endless.

There are no recipes to choose one plot or another, to ensure the success of a good choice. Although to the extent that the writer is the son of his time, it is a common tendency to approach plots in accordance with the concerns of society. Each historical period opts for a type of plot. Sometimes passionate arguments framed in historical settings are interesting. And there have been moments in the history of literature when the love story has set a trend. These inclinations of the readers obey the fashions, an aspect that is not secondary in the literary world.

The phenomenon of reading exists because we need the spiritual nourishment of literature and each of its creations has an atom from which the whole story makes sense. And that fundamental atom is the plot.


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