Importance of Literary Texts

When we talk about literary texts we are not talking about scientific writings, opinion articles, etc., what we are talking about is the ability of a writer to create a story and transmit it to the readers. The literary texts start, in most cases, from a main theme, real or imaginary and, from there it is developed throughout the pages to create a plot, whatever it may be. The theme can be varied and the only limit is the author’s imagination.

One of the most important elements a literary text should have is coherence. We have to think that writing means that throughout the narration , versification, etc., the common thread needs to make sense and the main theme must not disappear. Every literary text has a beginning that places the text in its context, be it a past, present or future moment; It introduces us to the characters and, at the same time, it also tells a story.

It has always been said that it must have a structure divided into a beginning, a development and an end or outcome . But this is not entirely true since, for a long time, many authors have appeared who have broken with this scheme to create other ways of presenting a literary text. As important as the story, the theme or the structure, it is important to get the readers to convey what they want to tell, whether through a narrative , political text , etc.

This is the greatest difficulty and what makes a writer different from others, achieving greater popularity or popularity for readers. For the creation of a literary text it is important not only to have an idea. The author’s cultural background, literary, linguistic and formal resource knowledge and the creator’s ability to combine all this in one text are also necessary. If he is able to use them for his own creative benefit, it is more certain that a literary text can be done.

The importance of literary texts is that they are created from the author’s imagination, from the writer’s own creativity, and he shapes his inner world, all that imaginative capacity, in a work in which to show his particular universe. The value of literary texts is that they reflect the essence of the author and of the intellectual culture. surrounding it.


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