6 Importance of the School Time Table You Must Know

Importance of the school time table is very important for managing every school.Every school need effective time table for students.Here are some importance as under.

Smooth and orderly working

The time-table makes the school work smooth, systematic and orderly. Work of the teachers and the pupils is clearly specified Everybody knows what is to be at a particular time. There is no scope of negligence

Eliminates Waste

Time table specifies every item of work clearly. It die attention of both the teacher and the pupil for a particular thing at a particular time. There is no confusion, overlapping, repetition or duplication of work. Without time table, there will be confusion and chaos in the school

Proper distribution of work

IT facilitates proper distribution of work among the The work of various teachers can be evenly ad. Proper subject or activity is allocated to a No teacher is overburdened and nobody gets err.cession in the time-table.

Why We Need Importance of the School Time Table

Due attention to every subject

With the help of timetable, due attention is paid to every subjects. No subject or activity is ignored.

Development of desirable habits

Time table helps in developing desirable habits in the pupils, e.g; habits of orderliness and punctuality. It develops a methodical attitude of work in the students. Similar habits are developed in the teachers.

Meets psychological needs of pupils

Time table is framed keeping in view the psychological needs of pupils. Subject and activities are adjusted in the time table so that fatigue and boredom on the part of students are a minimum. Physical work is followed by mental work and difficult subjects are adjusted at a time when the students are fresh.

Develops discipline

A good time table keeps the pupils fruitfully busy. There is no confusion, no clash of activities. In the absence of time-table, the school will be undisciplined.

Meets the needs of school

The time-table is designed to meet the needs and objectives of the school. Suppose the school wants to propagate religion, the same will be provided for in the school time-table. If the schools falls short of equipment or staff, adjustments will be made in the time-table accordingly.

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