5 Importance of Scouting In School, Life And Society

Importance of scouting is very important for all aspects.Scouting is the movement which is based on the principles of loving, kindness and serving young people physical, mental and spiritual health so that they can develop their abilities in society.

5 Importance of Scouting In School, Life And Society

Historical Perspective of Scouting

Lord Baden-Powell, who founded the Boy Scouts Organisation was the Chief Scout of the world since 1920, welded the youthful elements of different countries into fraternity. That ties them together all the time to come so as to say that is ever unbreakable. Movement, to all intents and purposes is a training school the qualities of body, mind and spirit which tend to make good citizen are developed. The movement teaches not only self sc if-restraint and self-discipline, but it inculcates the love of as well though the originator and promoter of the was a soldier. This movement is essentially non-political non militant, for, it knows no class or creed. It aims at promoting good friendship and it intends breaking down the barriers created by class and religion. As it is an international movement, its influence is not confined to geographical boundaries.

Scouting Encourages The Feeling of Brotherhood

The true scout spirit is considered more important than mere members. Stress is always laid on the value of quality rather than quantity. In this movement there is  no distinction of class, colour, creed or sect. The Scout Law, on which inner me.ement is based, is binding on every scout. Training is generally carried out under four main headings namely, character and diligence, skill and handicraft, physical health and self-care and finally devotion to the State. The first three activities aims to develop the efficient individual—physically fit and materially alert_and the last one trains him for good citizenship. The Scout Law is taken from the Code of Knights. The scouts, like the medieval knight errands render service to the poor, the helpless, the needy, the downtrodden and the oppressed people.

What Everyone Must Know About Importance of Scouting

The Scout Movement, in some quarters, has been strongly criticised as anti-national. The Scout Movement, if dispassionately seen, is cosmopolitan and it has really counteracted the growing centrifugal forces of communalism and provincialism. It encourages a feeling of brotherhood among boys who are strangers to one another and it infuses in them esprit de corps. Every scout is taught to regard every other as his brother. The movement is both national and international to its very core. The scouts in many countries are made to play  games: they draw inspiration from the heroic deeds performed by national heroes and in the national pageantry and displays at scout rallies, they are given special instructions to portray something of the history, culture, customs, traditions, activities and scouting are well expressed in the slogans character building development of personality and good citizenship”

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It is Based On The principles of Humanism.

To be brief, this  movement has been tremendous service to the humanity. The movement aims at inspiring every boy to do this best for his country. By making friendship with each other the scouts can spread throughout the country the spirit of brotherhood and goodwill. Is this movement open to boys of every class. They work together in harmony; it is because they are all pledged to co-operation, brotherhood, tolerance and mutual understanding. We do not find any rivalry, jealousy, bickering and strife of any sort. The spirit good will and comradeship permeates the Scout Movement.

Why are games, camp life, trips, excursions, national songs, dances, physical drill, expeditions, hiking, etc., made popular and encouraged by the organisers? It is so because these things make life happy, glorious, joyous and exhilarating. One never feels sad or dejected. We begin to know that Art of Living. There is a mixture of romance and thrill. Life is not a bed of roses. Camp life prepares us for the battle of life.

5 Importance of Scouting In School, Life And Society

Scouting Prepares us For The Battles of Life

We can face difficulties and hardships with a smiling, cheerful face. By means of patience and perseverance, an indomitable will and an unconquerable spirit, we can conquer mountain high. Even the Alps and the Pyrenees sink into oblivion. The spirit of the adventure inspires guides every scout who is made to believe that he has Sag discovery to make. Scouting thus indirectly help in a natural way the development of mental alertness, physical outlook, power of observation attention to minute –round character. The extramural activities of the scouts ‘it for hardship and service. We find among the scouts s team work. Life in a camp is a thrilling adventure and a. systematic cultural activity.

It Has Always Been A Useful Service For All People

So the Scout Movement, in spite of its being an imperialist or a white man’s movement, is a popular movement and have been and are receiving good training in citizenship, character-building and discipline. Scouting makes possible it group activity, such as camping, hiking, excursions, world international tours and Jamborees which are otherwise impossible.It has encouraged hobbies such as study of Nature, the of toys, sewing, cooking, painting, singing and dancing. Some interested in scouting, carry on activity by means of indoor base-ball, volley ball, wrestling and similar activities, s certain standards of strength, health, virility and fat provides ideals of personal conduct and social relationships, stresses the importance of loyalty, honour, patriotism, fitness, mental alertness, social consciousness, intellectual  and appreciation of beauty in all forms and shapes. The scouts have rendered great social service during flood, famine,, war, political upheaval festival, etc. uttered social and political upheaval festival etc.

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