10 Importance of Friendship In Our Life And Society

Importance of friendship plays very important role in our life.A life friendship is purposeless. Friendship is like a ring wearing of gives a man the real pleasures of existence in this world. No man can live alone. The desire for friendship is instinctive. “Sorrow shared is sorrow  halved and joy shared is joy doubled”.WitHout friends life becomes a burden. A lonely man is either a God or a beast. We the need of a friend at every step in life. A friend relieves hardships, consoles our aggrieved heart, partakes of our shares our griefs. Shakespeare expresses sorrow for past regrets and lost opportunities of life but he holds that the devoted and loving friendship of old dread friends should be enough compensation.It is a fountain of the purest joy of life: it is perennial in its flow and constant in its sweetness. It bears the mark of mortality. It can be called a divine gift to man. But real friendships are rare. Very few can find a real friend even though everyone hungers fin such a one.


What are the charms of friendship that possess so much attraction for human minds? What are its fulfilment? The real charm (‘friendship lies in a sense of oneness of heart or rather in an innate vibration of harmonious feelings, quite unconscious of self, which echoes and re-echoes, is heard and answered by two minds in unison. It is a tie mutual in its bond-something that binds the two individuals together. It is said to be the prototype of a monotype. Like the chords 61 a musical instrument both are correlated and have the same vibration of feelings and emotions. Spiritually and mentally they are Inc, though physically they are two. One soul seems to pervade the two bodies. Their joys and sorrows are common, their hearts united and their minds steeped in the same thoughts and feelings.


True friendship is a .rare commodity in the world’s market. One must search for it as for a precious jewel. Most of the friendships we contract in the course of life are based on considerations of mutual benefit. They last so long as there-is expectation of it. Such friendships are not to be avoided, ki our worldly career we cannot do without Brin. Sometimes they are absolutely necessary for progress and success in life. But they are not to be mistaken for that union of mind  soul which true friendship connotes.In such a union there is no thought of worldly gain. It is based upon mental and spiritual affinities. It elevates us and sustains us in our inevitable struggle for existence. It is a source of happiness which never fails and a support that never breaks down. But this kind of friendship is something that we can net contract, it comes into existence between two persons most often be­chance and out of mutual attraction for each other. A friend gained in this way is a jewel of priceless worth which one can we all his life without any fear of loss.

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History holds many examples of true friendship-Caesar Brutus, David and Jonathan, Damon and Pythias, and there are o examples in literature^But there is nothing like one’s experience in selection of a friend./A true friend is,a reliable adviser; in illness he a ministering angel; in prosperity he is a healthy influence and adversity a tender consoler and it is from a true friend   that one may come to   know his real worth and his worth in the eyes of   the   people.We tell our secrets to our friend and he shares our confidence, should be few secrets between friends. The love of a friend is invaluable possession.

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Friendship is too valuable a thing to be lightly dis Many do not understand the real significance of friendship a mere acquaintance of an hour  or a chance visitor cannot appropriately be  called a frind. A friend is one who appreciates you, who knows all your faults and virtues, who understands your feelings and sympathises with your defeats and difficulties. He has a constant share in all your disappointments. One can turn to a friend for advice, for advice, for genuine praise and for help. He may not necessarily be or wise, but he understands his friend perfectly well, is patient and never fails to impart courage and strength. The beauty of such friendship is to be felt, not described Such cherished friendship must be cultivated. Unhappy ruptures with are friends are to be avoided at all costs, because broken friendship is ended. The break always remains there. In spite of full and forgiveness, ‘he hurt felt by the aggrieved is not completely and the confidence can hardly be restored.


Fair  friends one may have many. But a friend in need is a friend indeed. A real friend is difficult to find and once found should not be lost. So long as there is mutual advantage in friendship benefits are secured and a man may acquire friends is plenty but when the purse is empty, such fair-weather friends will depart. Such hypocritical friends are far worse enemies and are really dangerous. They have often wrought  destruction hastened the downfall of kings and brought fire and sword peace and plenty ruled before. History abounds with examples, must be chosen with care as says a great writer.

Young men are generally introduced to vice by the company that keep they keep: but do you carefully guard against ever submitting yourself to be the companion of low,vulgar and dissipated men and holds it as a maxim that you had better be alone than in mean company.

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Let your companions be such as yourself or superior, for the worth of a man will always be ruled by that of his company. You do not find pigeons associate with hawks, or lambs with bears: and it is as unnatural for a good man to be the companion of the blackguards”.

Adversity is the touchstone of friendship. It tries friends as fire tries gold. Adversity provides a true friend with the long-desired opportunity to show his worth, because never is confidence truly engendered and intimacy ripened than in distress. Many are found wanting and cannot rise to the occasion. Kent and the Fool are fine examples of true friends in Shakespeare’s King Lear.


Naturally it is very difficult ‘to effect a right choice of friend? People of like taste should be tried. Their habits should be studied Their words and acts are to be appraised. Bad company ruins many promising careers.


“A man cannot speak to his son but as a father ; to his wi but as a husband; to his enemy upon terms; whereas a friend  speak as the case requires, and not as it suited with the person. Where a man cannot filly play his own part and if he has not a friend, he may quit the stage. Where friendship exists all offices of life am, as all it were, granted to him and his deputy’ for he may exercise them by his friends. Even more a man can scarce allege his own merits with modesty, much less extol them; a man cannot sometimes brook to  supplicate or beg or to extol a virtue or a number of  like: these things are graceful in a friend’s mouth which are blushing in man’s own”. These are some of the sayings of Bacon on friendship.

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