What Is The Importance of Pleasure In Our Life And Society?

Importance of Pleasure in our life is very important.Love of self and love for others in the dynamic of pleasure. love is not possible without the relationship with the other. In the endless discussion between Optimist and Pessimist, the fact that pleasure is something more than a mere feeling has been overlooked. Pleasure is a power, joy moves on apace, and where pain dies a natural death, pleasure has nine lives.Pleasure is pure. It can be pure. Joy is something finite.

What Is The Importance of Pleasure In Our Life And Society?

Ecstasy is something infinite. Going from pleasure to joy is like going out of the darkness into the light. Darkness can be turned into light. Likewise, pleasure can be transformed into joy. But this only happens through inner aspiration and dedication.The persistence of pleasure in the human mind is attributable to die fact that the essence of vital force is itself an enjoyment, the very enjoyment of existence. Pleasure is creative, preservative, triumphant; it holds in its merry hands the secret of life,’ accompanies life, and plays into life’s hands.

Pleasure is more tenacious than pain, so that when one reviews his experience he finds that it is usually the pleasant impression which remains. Read biographies, and you will see that in spite of the hero’s pains, his pleasures and successes carry the work along. In the same manner, epitaphs are so flattering that it seems as though only the pleasant things were the facts remembered in the life of the deceased. Evil and sorrow are interred in the ground, but pleasure and victory spring up like flowers.

Focusing The Importance of Pleasure In Life

In the life of man, laughter builds up the system while tears tend by attrition to wear the man away, as a stream cuts its way through a rock. The pleasure of the heart is the heart’s strength; it acts as a Spring tonic, or strychnine.To observe the power of pleasure, note the reaction upon your organism when you feel even a limited amount of simple joy. A sweet taste, a bit of good news, money in a letter are little things, but they have the power to increase the capacity of the chest, reinforce the heart, and cause the muscles to swell.

In the same manner, pleasure is a convincing experience, so that he who laughs must have logic on his side. In the sense of pleasure as power, there is a “will-to-believe,” a conviction that triumphs over both error and sorrow.Enjoyment is thus a form of energy utilized by both will and intellect, so that he who would succeed in art, politics, business, or what not, must have great capacity for the joy of life.

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