What Is The Importance of Attention In Psychology And Life

Importance of Attention In Psychology is being discussed in this article.When you care about something you are giving it energy;The relationship between the attentive style and the performance is simply the ability of focus.Regarding selectivity , these are the components of the attention being taken:

  • focused attention , that is, the ability to select only the important stimuli for a particular task, ignoring the distracting ones;
  • devoted attention , that is, the ability to deploy your own careful resources between two or more tasks to be performed simultaneously.
  • Alternative attention , which concerns the ability to perform multiple tasks by shifting their attentive resources from one task to the next, alternately, in order to perform multiple tasks in parallel.

What Is The Importance of Attention In Psychology And Life

WHEN we strive to pay attention to something which we deem important, we should realize that the mind is apt to turn its powers in the direction of certain objects, ideas, or thoughts which somehow have the power to interest it. Mind itself is a kind of attention, and like a stream follows certain channels.

In an old curiosity shop, the artist notices the pictures; the soldier, the old weapon; the student, the book; a woman, the old costume. What we have in us by nature or training thus comes forth to greet its kind in the objects about us. Our attention is guided by our general interest.

In addition to these general objects of attention, the mind seizes upon objects which are like those which have just passed before our gaze. If you have listened to the call of the thrush, you will hear the cry of the warbler; if you have noted the bridge over which you have just passed, you will be ready for the rumble of the train over the next one.

In its process of attention, the mind makes note now of the great things that men noted in the past. In this way, ancestral attention makes us note the soldier, whom the ages have honored, just as the minds of our fore-fathers bid us heed tales of love and romance. If it were not for these inherited attentions, we should not be impressed by the man in uniform or the story of human sentiment.

You can experiment with your own attention by observing what topics reported in the daily paper lay hold of your mind. Did you notice the rise or fall of certain stocks, the doings in realty, the result of the base-ball game, the appearance of a new book on geology, the affairs in Japan? Your attention was guided by what was already in your mind by nature, education, social training, personal interest

The world sets up for the mind certain objects which the world thinks worth noticing. As a result, people are persuaded that fighting is better than farming, that position in society or politics is preferable to the cultivation of talent.Attention grows like a weed; the thing to do with it is to cultivate it. For the next twenty-four hours, try to observe something new to you.

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