Importance of Leisure

There is no doubt that people enjoy the time when they are not working, carrying out different activities in the Home or those that are necessary by human nature itself, having in moments of recreation the possibility of enjoying Leisure Moments, being necessary to clear the mind and be able to rest from the stresses of everyday life.

Leisure activities are discarded those that the person performs essentially and even for reasons of Obligation (without it being a reluctance to carry them out) such as taking a bath, or any other personal hygiene care, but simply this one pursues a Recreation or Recreation, to relax and to be able to enjoy a good moment.

At the moment when we are idle, it is when we carry out some favorite activity, from being able to play a musical instrument to simply enjoying a literary work, which is why it is considered that this is when the preferred activities that we like to do are carried out, and that at another time, due to having to attend to obligations , we cannot carry out.

This does not mean that we do the Work reluctantly, since we may well enjoy it and carry it out with great pleasure, but rather that those activities that do not pursue the purpose of a Particular Benefit are taken into account, but are simply carried out by mere fun , considered as an Entertainment, necessary to alleviate tensions or simply practice something we like.

If we choose to enjoy a certain Game at leisure, such as doing something (for example, being able to Draw) in any case, we have to have this entertainment to have a particular Order and Objective, since no activity is done “because yes ”but we think we can do something to entertain ourselves, whether or not the objective can even be reached.

Looking for a comfortable place is also something practically essential for leisure moments, since otherwise being uncomfortable instead of giving us pleasure, will make our tensions increase and instead of looking for a recreation, we will simply have more problems and nonconformities.


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