Importance of Observing Melomania

Free time is one of the main entertainment pleasures in a person’s life. Music is present in the lives of the majority. However, not in the same form and intensity. Melonamo is an example of a person who feels music with such passion that it has become the center of their existence. In other words, he is a person who dedicates time and money to enjoying this art.

Precisely, it refers to an excess, with which it is not something that is invisible to one’s environment. It is family and friends who have the possibility to observe and indicate behavior that goes beyond the limits of normal. But one may question, “What is normal?” Well, if it is a hobby that took hold and positioned itself as one of the few topics of personal interest, we are before a sign to consider. And it is healthy, in fact, to have interests that disconnect from reality and problems, to distract yourself and share with other people who have the same hobby, but it should not be allowed to be the only topic in our life.

Passion for music

Therefore, the music lover regularly attends music concerts of his favorite singers. He prioritizes saving in other areas to be able to afford this pleasure of music that lives as a true emotional need. In other words, for the music lover, happiness is in tune with this hobby that has become a lifestyle.

Another of the great pleasures of the music lover is collecting records and music tapes. And when you have visitors at home, you love to display this collection as your favorite part of the home. Thanks to this constant contact with music, the music lover also acquires a musical culture, that is, he is a person understood in details that go unnoticed by others. It should be pointed out that being a music lover does not mean being addicted to music, that is, it is not seen as something negative. Simply because the music inspires an environment of culture and optimism that nurtures the mood of the protagonist.

This is evident, for example, in the opera. A true cult genre for lovers of a style that inspires emotions , life and intensity. It should be pointed out that unlike other types of hobbies, melomania is not a psychological disorder but a personal concern that shows the interest of a person who enjoys listening to music.

Origin of the phenomenon

It was created by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, in the year 1781. It manifests the fury that a person feels for a specific music group. From the historical point of view we can also know examples of people who touched on the melomania. For example, the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was a staunch admirer of pianist Felix Mendelssohn.

A music lover is one who also focuses his conversations on this topic. He has knowledge of singers, musicians, works and composers. This type of passion for music is not considered a disorder because it does not put the protagonist’s life at risk.


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