Importance of Novels

With the appearance of the first Tribes or Villages , the different communities began to settle, opening the way to an expansion that required a derived organization in the Primitive Societies , in which concepts such as Nation and Citizens began to be introduced , making evidence of the existence of a stronger sense of belonging with these communities.

With this characteristic it is that the Culture and Traditions of a country were forged , with many of these customs still in force and intact and the celebration of Traditional Festivals where they usually wear typical clothes, the preparation of meals with the ingredients of the region, but there are also usually exhibitions of works of art , where not only plastic arts are taken into account , but also a whole range of creative activities.

Regarding Literature , one of the works that we will find is precisely the Novel , which can be done by one or more authors, written in prose and having a fairly wide development, much greater than that of the Tales , not only in with regard to the Plot or Plot (that is, the sequence of events that are described) but also having a complexity of Characters .

In this way, we have on one hand the Main Characters who will be those who are repeated throughout the plot, complemented by the Secondary Characters who have sporadic appearances or have a role that complements the actions carried out by those who direct the events of the narration.

For a writing of such length to be considered as a novel, it must have as its main characteristic a fictional story , although it may or may not be based on real events, also having a distinction of what the story is in the case of a short novel regarding their characters: They must be extensively described in addition to developing a greater number of events.

There are also different Literary Genres that allow framing and knowing how to distinguish the content of the plot that is developed in these novels, from the most popular Police Genre where the protagonist of the stories is an investigator who uses his deduction to solve the most mysterious cases, up to the Caballerezcas novels where perhaps the oldest in the modern world is Don Quixote de la Mancha , the famous masterpiece of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra .


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