Importance of Communities

In the origins of humanity, Primitive Man knew to realize that by himself he did not have the same value or effectiveness as if he managed to Join Others , and this is how he began to work as a team to get Better Goods and Resources , in addition to increase the number of them, in addition to knowing how to group themselves before the threats of other groups that instead of going for their own, sought to plunder or steal what was foreign, and that is how the first Tribes or Villages were born that gave rise to what today is our modern world.

Each of these urban conglomerations had their own beliefs, and gave rise to Tradition and Culture that in many cases is maintained to this day, each performing their own rituals, having their customs and also even choosing the way of dressing or the activities that they often carried out, differentiating themselves from others.

It is there that the concept of Community arises , considering as a necessary requirement that it be a Group of Individuals that can be from people to animals , that have a Sense of Belonging and that have a defined role within this group, and that also among all they have a common interest or share a point of view that is evident when it comes to acting, never alone but in a group.

Currently we are used to these concepts with the rise of Social Networks , where we usually talk about Virtual Communities in which users participate in Discussion Forums , we share all kinds of Multimedia Content with a particular theme (for example, about a Band of rock)

The so-called Urban Tribes are also present , which are about ways of dressing, thinking and relating to other people based on Influential Personalities or styles that have been disseminated at different times.


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