Importance of Communication

Communication is the process by which a sender and a receiver establish a connection through a message that allows them to exchange or share ideas and information . In a deeper sense, to communicate is to share a little of ourselves with others.

It is well known that communication is the key to success in virtually every aspect of life, but what makes this happen?

It influences what we think of ourselves and of others.

We all share the need to interact with other human beings. Communication can be understood as the process of understanding and sharing an idea. We transmit a message not only through what we say, but how we say it, either verbally or in writing. What do you think your life would be like if you couldn’t communicate, if you couldn’t ask for what you need, or understand the needs of others?

Being unable to communicate can even mean in many ways losing a part of yourself; Your ability to communicate is central to your self concept. Everything communicates, our writing, the brands we wear, the language we use, the state of our clothes, the jewelry we use, the tattoos we have, our posture and gestures, everything! And at the same time, all of this constitutes our concept of ourselves.

On the other hand, your communication skills are a great tool for understanding others. Again, not only their words, but their non-verbal language can provide you with very clear clues as to who they are and what their values ​​and interests are. Active listening is also a skill of a good communicator.

Communication helps us teach and learn.

Another advantage of communication is that it helps us to spread knowledge and information among people. For example, writers publish a book to share their experience with readers, teachers share their teachings with students, friends and colleagues discuss their ideas with each other, and companies interact with consumers. In addition, the rise of the Internet not only allows us to have access to information of all kinds, but also facilitates closer contact with people around the world. Without a doubt, the process of sharing knowledge and information would not be possible without communication.

The pillar of all relationships.

Human relationships are achieved through communication. This process helps people express their ideas and enables them to understand their emotions through others. As a result, we can develop feelings of affection or hatred towards others and create positive or negative relationships.

Essential tool for all living things.

The communication process is also a vital aspect for animals. All organisms need communication to meet their most basic needs, such as feeding, reproducing, or protecting themselves from predators.

To conclude we can say that every day we are immersed in the communication process, whether we realize it or not. Every aspect of nature, be it animals, plants, humans, and even the climate, conveys messages that can be understood and interpreted through observation . Being in touch with what surrounds us and receptive to what it transmits to us is crucial for us to evolve day by day.


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