Importance of Organizational Behavior

The business world is also clearly influenced by psychology as a business is made up of people.

But in addition, the understanding of a company cannot be understood only by attending to the individual behavior of each worker, but to have a global and overall vision, organizational psychology is basic .

The organizational structure helps to understand human behavior in the company from the individual point of view but also, at the company level. By improving human knowledge about the people who form a company, the aim is to find more effective work formulas that improve the performance of workers but also to make them happier.

Often bosses and businessmen feel overwhelmed by not understanding well the attitude of some of their subordinates. However, through the information reported by the organizational structure, it is possible to improve employee motivation and it is also useful to analyze the cause of a specific attitude in order to find a solution.

The organizational behavior refers to different types of relationships established in a company. On the one hand, it helps to understand the relationships of workers to each other, it also helps to understand the influence that the environment has on the company, it analyzes the structure of a business since workers have to be structurally coordinated to work as a team and also , analyzes the technological factor that is part of the company.

People are not machines, nor photocopies of a single model. Each person is unique and unrepeatable, therefore, organizational behavior attends to diversity to integrate difference as a sum of wealth, while in a company each person is important. However, there are many people in a company who feel invisible or suffer from burned worker syndrome.

Therefore, it is essential to give value to each worker so that they feel recognized and an integral part of the project. The organizational structure helps to resolve work conflicts , it is useful to get more out of human resources , to fairly value the work of employees from an economic point of view and allows to create a more humane environment in the company.

Managers must study organizational behavior so that ethics and business go hand in hand because in a company, emotions and feelings are also very important . The importance of organizational behavior is also shown in the need for planning that arises from being able to predict, from current behaviors, certain behavior patterns in the future.


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