Importance of Consciousness

It includes the deepest intimacy of a human being , that place to which no one, except oneself, can access and where the deepest and most relevant thoughts arise.

That most intimate space where thoughts, reflection, and moral values ​​interact

Although each person can decide to open that space to another, it is impossible for everything that flows there to cross its limits, always leaving something in the most absolute privacy.

It is normally linked with the deepest thoughts, therefore, if someone needs to find the answer to some transcendental question of his life that he cannot find, he will have to delve right there, and on the other hand it is associated with inner reflection.

The people are able to then examine consciousness and after that choose an option, usually before competes with other generating a complex internal struggle, and on the other hand are able to take stock on behavior in some situation or made concrete.

A voice that bites when we don’t follow or listen to it

This study can be positive and leave us calm and happy, or, on the contrary, produce deep remorse and anguish, because we did not act properly, that is, following the values ​​that are sustained, and that they are those that accompany us and have been learned. children’s.

It is highly relevant to be consistent with oneself to be at peace

In this situation of direct contradiction between what was done and what is thought to have actually been done, the conscience is extremely restless, and on many occasions it can prevent the person who suffers from it to be happy , or continue with it. the way he was before going through that situation.

Surely more than once we will have heard speak in terms of: “you must listen more to your conscience”, and just when this is not done, and act impulsively contrary to the deepest beliefs that are held, is that clearly we have not stopped to listen to us.

Letting ourselves be carried away by the demands or sayings of others is usually the most frequent cause that nullifies the voice of our reason, preventing us from clearly hearing it, because of course, there is another voice that imposes itself stronger, and we also allow it.

Give space and time for reflection

Making decisions calmly and with a clear understanding of their advantages and disadvantages is the best way not to be mistaken.

We live in a frenzy today where everything that is done, he says, and is demanded does not have too long waiting times, and this is where you can just make mistakes that mortify one without perceiving it.

Listening more to ourselves and silencing when it corresponds to the confusing external world, is a positive and effective way out.


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