Importance of cognitive psychology

There are different schools of psychology , all of them shed a concrete light on the study of the human because true knowledge of behavior is based on interdisciplinary work offered by different points of view. The absolute truth does not exist.

What is cognitive psychology? It is the science that has as its object of study at a scientific level the mental process that is inherent to the knowledge process. That is, study the innermost workings of the mind. There are other branches of knowledge that also give great weight to the study of language and thought, for example, Neurolinguistic Programming and The Logical Positivism of the Vienna Circle.

By focusing on the study of human knowledge , cognitive psychology investigates different elements such as the perception that people have of reality, the cumulative memory of the past through memories, the acquisition of language that is acquired at an early age, the process of learning, the intrinsic logic of reasoning and the understanding of reality through concepts that refer to the world. The mind uses schemas and concepts to understand reality and be able to assimilate it in an objective way. Thomas Aquinas already explained that the essence of knowledge is intentionality, that is, reference to the real object that is material and that differs from the immaterial essential of mental images.

The cognitive psychology has influences from other branches of knowledge as intelligence artificial, studying language and is also influenced by the study of the entire gestalt own. Cognitive psychology is a bid to bring science to psychology by being able to explain mental processes in a logical way in relation to reality. However, it is impossible to equate the greatness of the human mind with the operation of a computer. One of the qualities of the mind is the ability to reflect on itself through consciousness. Something that doesn’t have a computer.

This school of psychology arose at a time when society was beginning to have a clear influence by the power of technique, specifically, by computers. The power of experimental science was leaving in the background areas of knowledge as valuable as philosophy. So there is no shortage of attempts both in psychology and in philosophy to endow these branches of knowledge with a certain scientific entity.

It is a psychology school that aims to shed light on the understanding of the human brain. A theory that is opposed to behavioral psychology that considers that it is difficult to access the interior of the human mind considered as a black box that cannot be analyzed in the exact terms of exact science. Cognitive psychology emerged in the 1950s and 60s and has since evolved in a remarkable way. It should be noted that Freud also remarkably studied the human mind through the power of the unconscious.

The brain is together with the heart, the most important organ of the human body and remains the great unknown while there is still much to investigate about its operation. For this reason, cognitive psychology is important because it provides more information about the human mind, which helps any human being to know himself better.

The cognitive psychology is the school of thought that reflects on the way that humans have to understand and understand the reality but also on how to make their decisions, in which process also interferes freedom, a quality that can never be explained in a way scientific.


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