Importance of the Alphabet

Letters are a written representation of the sounds that humans use to communicate. Depending on the country they can be more or less and, in general, they are divided into vowels and consonants. The set of vowels and consonants is what we call the alphabet and, with it, we can write and orally express all the words of our language.

Having an alphabet, in addition to being a linguistic element of each country, is a communicative element of both social and personal reality. Human beings communicate with words and we must learn these words. The way to do this is by combining consonants with vowels that, in turn, will produce words and the set of words will result in sentences and, the set of these, paragraphs and, so on, until working an oral or written speech.

The importance of the alphabet is that all the people who know it and, in turn, the language learning techniques , will be able to easily communicate with their peers. Without it, it would be almost impossible to communicate with him speaking and, most likely, the use of gestures would be the only way to communicate.

The importance of the alphabet is that thanks to it we can develop a language with which to express all the needs of the human being: literature , music, dreams, our needs, we can exchange thoughts, knowledge, etc. The alphabet is what allows us to write and speak, what allows us to learn and teach, what makes us understand what surrounds us from the written point of view. Sometimes it is a little surprising to think that the set of consonants and vowels, in the case of Spanish 27 letters, has been able to express and collect both wisdom, feelings , pleasure, fun, so many things that, if We think about it a bit, it even seems impossible that it could be true that we have not been able to accumulate such a quantity ofknowledge and more to accumulate for years to come.

The importance of the alphabet is that there is not a single person, unless they have some kind of physical, linguistic, or psychological problem, who does not have the capacity to learn it and, from there, build their own speech from a young age.

It is interesting to observe how children are able to go from babbling some letter, or group of others, forming syllables or a word, to elaborate complete sentences and speeches. As they are able to make themselves understood little by little they were giving phrases from the union of letters, syllables, etc. In most competitions we are very little aware of the importance of having your own alphabet.


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