Impaired color vision

By altered vision of colors is meant the vision , from one or both eyes, of faded colors . All shades, especially red, seem to tend to gray.
A reduction in vision, whether congenital or appearing later (as a consequence of lesions affecting the nerve, macula, retina and choroid), can lead to impaired vision of colors .

What are the remedies against altered color vision?

To treat the altered vision of colors it is essential to treat the triggering cause and choose the most suitable cure. In the presence, for example, of an inflammation or infection that caused the symptom, the remedy will consist of pharmacological therapy, in other cases instead chemotherapy or surgical treatments will be carried out, depending on the specific situation.

What are the diseases associated with impaired color vision?

The diseases associated with impaired color vision are:
•     macular degeneration
•     stroke
• retinitis pigmentosa
• retina blastoma
•    diabetic retinopathy
• corneal ulcer

It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, it is therefore advisable to contact your doctor if the symptom persists.

Impaired color vision, when to contact your doctor?

When an altered vision of colors appears, it is recommended to seek medical advice or go to the emergency room, as this symptom could be a sign of other diseases that require prompt intervention (for example, a stroke).

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