Alopecia is the reduction in the amount or thickness of the hair . It can present itself as a gradual fall , starting from the top of the head, with the appearance of patches of baldness , or be connected to the fall of hair in other areas of the body.

What pathologies can be linked to alopecia?

The diseases that can be linked to alopecia are the following:

Alopecia areata



Male hypogonadism


Lichen planus

Systemic lupus erythematosus

Graves’ disease – Basedow




Polycystic ovary syndrome

This is not a complete list, therefore we remind you that it is always better to go to your doctor in the presence of continuation of symptoms.

What are the solutions for alopecia?

In certain situations, the disorder can resolve itself without the need for any treatment. At other times, specifically when there is a health disorder at the origin of alopecia, it may instead be necessary to take drugs, for example medicines that decrease inflammation and break down the immune system.

In the presence of permanent alopecia, it can also be decided for hair transplantation or other surgical procedures. Finally, among the most innovative solutions there is also the platelet-rich plasma treatment.

With alopecia, when to go to your doctor?

It is recommended to go to your doctor in the event that you see a sudden hair loss , perhaps even in strands, greater during some actions such as combing or washing your hair. At the base there may be medical conditions that require specific treatments.

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