Halos around lights

The halos around the lights consist of a problem affecting the vision : the person perceives gleams around the eyes , especially in the hours with low light, near artificial light sources. This symptom is perceived as glare in the eyes, as if car headlights were pointing at the eyes.

What are the remedies against halos around the light?

The remedies to cure the halos around the lights are varied and are decided following an eye examination. If the disorder is accompanied by intense migraines and headaches, but it is not possible to intervene surgically, a useful solution will be to avoid overly illuminated environments and wear dark glasses.
In the event that the halos around the light are a consequence of cataract, surgery to remove the defective lens will be the most suitable remedy.

What are the diseases associated with halos around the light?

The diseases associated with halos around the light are:
•     cataract
•     headache
•     migraine
•     glaucoma
• retinoblastoma
•    diabetic retinopathy

It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, it is therefore advisable to contact your doctor if the symptom persists.

Halos around the light, when to contact your doctor?

In the event that the halos around the lights do not disappear spontaneously after two to three days, it will be advisable to contact a specialist.

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