This Impact of Technology Development Can Be Perceived

The development of technology in the digital era as it is now growing faster from day to day, month to month to the years ahead. Indirectly, the use of this technology has increased sharply. However, actually do you know what technology is? Technology is a facility or system that serves to provide comfort and convenience for humans. Therefore technology is very important in the current era, especially with the rapidly developing digital technology every day.

The increasingly rapid development of technology makes this technology have an impact on many fields, but what are the effects of technological development?

What Is Technology and Examples?

Technology is a facility and infrastructure that provides an item or component that is necessary for the survival and comfort of human life. Usually the use of technology by human beings begins with the conversion of natural resources into various kinds of tools.

As its development technology has expanded its meaning, becoming an intangible object such as software, learning methods, business methods and others.

Examples of real technology in this era very much starting from the technology we often use such as computers, laptops, cellphones, machines, motor cars and others. As the development of increasingly advanced technology will certainly be more emerging technologies such as flying cars, autonomous cars or self driving cars to teleportation devices.

Functions and Benefits of Technology

The emergence of technology certainly provides many benefits for the survival of one example of technology that is truly useful today is Google. Yes, the benefits of technology in general are to make it easier for users to do things faster and shorter, all of which also makes the work produced better.

While the benefits of technology specifically are helping activities to educate children so that they are no longer technologically illiterate and can make it easier to adjust the environment to their surroundings. In addition, technology can also be used as a means of exploration to add insight and knowledge in completing work.

Impact of Technology Development

Technological advances that are getting faster and faster are certainly making many changes to a country no exception in Indonesia. From the rapid development of information technology has many positive influences, what is meant from this positive effect is as follows:

  • Exchange of information becomes easier and faster
  • Facilitate the work
  • Work that can be done by one person becomes more effective and efficient
  • The learning system can be done onlinewithout having to do face-to-face

The number of positive effects resulting from the growth of technology is also proportional to the negative things caused, such as the things below:

  • The entry of foreign cultures that are not easily accepted by children in Indonesia
  • Excessive use of gadgets and ultimately can damage brain development in children
  • Lack of people socializing, because the focus is always on technology

From some of the things that have been discussed above it was concluded that technological development does indeed lead to positive and negative things. To be able to suppress the negative things that can affect ourselves is that we have to manage the progress of this information technology well.

Technological Development in the Financial World

If you look back 10 years back, technological developments in the financial world are growing so fast. This development can be seen starting from all forms of transactions that can be done through smartphones, ranging from e-money , to making investments or developing funds more easily.

One proof of technological developments in the financial world is the emergence of financial technology (fintech). Thanks to the financial system of this fintech provides many benefits such as the ease of financial services, helping to facilitate unbankable SMEs to get venture capital and of course financial inclusion.

With the ease of financial services offered by technology in the financial world, this is what makes people use it well, one of them is by developing funds in one of the fintechs.

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