Ideas for decorating a house with a tree

We are all comfortable people. But a new day means crossing over into busyness. At the end of the day in this concrete city, I can only breathe a sigh of relief at my own home. And if there is a greenery in the room, a pleasant atmosphere. Then the place of comfort is more than doubled. Many may have a hobby of gardening but may not be made in a mechanical city like Dhaka city so you can make your own garden in your own home. In addition to setting up indoor plants in your home, you can free your home from harmful gas. And I’m going to share some ideas on what kind of indoor plant can be set up in a room. Let’s talk about where a tree can be planted from the living room to the kitchen.

In an air-conditioned room

Indoor plants and ornamental plants should be used as plants that can survive in the AC room. Terrace, Silver Queen, Foliage, Hydrangea, Panthapath, Chinese Palm, Pichutia Palm, Red Palm, Cucurus, Bamboo Leaf, Dracilla, Dracina, Golden Dracina, Terris, Cactus, Alcaria, Alcaria and Alcornia Its species, Maniplant, Bonsai, Fortune Tree, Malpuchia, Lovelick, Erica Palm, Tulsi, etc. You can arrange these plants according to the size and height of your house in different places. Read more about the care of domestic plants .

In front of the door

Plants can be placed in front of the door or elevator of medium sized trees such as fern, mandiplant, drasina, palm tree species. Besides, the garland made of different kinds of flowers or leaves and bass will also be nice to hang in front of the door.

In the living room

A little larger tree can be kept in the corner of the living room. Examples: Bakul tree, foliage, anthurium, asparagus fern, leaf bark, dragon tree, orchids, spider plant, rubber plant, palm tree, philodendron, coffee plant, etc.    Learn more about Passion Fruit .

In the bedroom

Small plants can be kept in the bedroom, such as orchids, fern, cactus, bamboo trees, Dracinia, etc.

In the kitchen

Palms, leaflets, basil of different species can be kept in the kitchen. Cactus, bonsai, succulent on small table.

In the bathroom

The bathrooms can be used as indoor plants for Golden Pathos, Neon Pathos, Spider Plants, English EVs, bromeliads, Elvira, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Chinese Evergreen.

In other cases

The corner and porch of the room can be decorated with any type of tree. Hanging trees can be hung on the windows and porch grill. Different types of ferns and shrubs can be used for hanging plants such as Money Plants, Fern, Ceylon Gold etc. Plants can be hung with small clay, plastic, wood, bamboo windows and porch grill.

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