Ice cream scoop

Funderelele .A spoon-shaped instrument, equipped with a mechanism, created specifically to shape ice cream into a ball. Currently there are versions in different sizes and its use has been widespread in the field of gastronomy to shape different doughs or creams that have sufficient consistency. Even so, its most common use is to shape ice cream into a ball.



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ice cream scoop (other definitions)

A utensil used to remove ice cream from a carton or other container while forming ice cream into a balloon or oval shape. Ice cream popsicles come in various styles and sizes. The simplest is a plain metal scoop – or shovel-shaped utensil . Then comes one shaped like a half balloon or an oval with a spring action lever on the grip. When squeezed, the lever moves an arc-shaped module through the exclusive interior and ejects the scoop of ice cream.

The nonstick scoop style has antifreeze sealed inside. This model is especially useful for extremely hard ice cream. Pallets come in many sizes, from small to large (approximately 1 to almost 3 inches in diameter).


Ice cream_spoon

Construction materials

Generally made of metal, although versions with plastic and silicone coatings can be found on the market, including versions made of plastic .



The funderelele was invented on February 2, 1897 by Alfred L. Cralle when the ice cream industry emerged and he realized that it did not have to be necessary to use two hands to shape the ice cream and separate it from the mold .


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