Coconut cornet

Coconut cream cone . Without the traditional packaging this would be a simple coconut candy . Dry yaguas cut into wide strips and put to soak should be used so that they do not break. With them the cone is made, the bottom of which is reinforced with a piece of banana leaf. Then secure everything with a fine cord of yagua, tied through small holes. Finally it is covered with another strip of yagua and that’s it.

Preparation mode

  • The coconutis scratched and it is put to cook in a cauldron for a long time until the dough is completely softened.
  • Rinds are added guava, papaya , orange , pineapple and cooking process several minutes continues until the fruits soften slightly.
  • Add sugar or honey and sweet spices and cook, stirring frequently, until the dough sets and acquires the proper consistency.
  • After cooling, it is packaged in cones made with yagua.

Making of the cone

The confection of the cone is made through a yagua leaf, cut to medium size to create a cone that is sewn with a strand extracted from the same yagua leaf.


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