Hypersensitivity: 10 Secrets to Know Before Dating a Very Sensitive Person

You might be dating a hypersensitive person without even knowing it. But, by reading this article, you will surely recognize the telltale signs.

Highly sensitive people think a lot and are extremely creative individuals who feel everything deeply.

Because of a biological difference in their nervous system, they handle and interpret information and ideas literally much more deeply than others.

This is why these people are very strong but also very vulnerable. But, having a romantic relationship with someone who is hypersensitive can be one of the happiest experiences of your life.

It is a unique and original love. It’s an emotional experience that helps you to be much more connected with your spiritual side.

This kind of relationship can really surprise you even if, let’s face it, it is very different from “typical” romantic relationships.

So what does a very sensitive person need to love and trust their partner?

The well-hidden secrets of hypersensitive people

If you are in a relationship with a very sensitive person, here is a list of 10 typical behaviors you should be aware of.

Or, if you’re about to pair up with someone like this, here’s what you need to know in order to best prepare yourself.

After all, you want to be happy and you want your partner to be happy too, so it’s okay to educate yourself before you set foot in it!

1. He or she is well aware that most people do not understand him or her.

Less than 20% of the population is hypersensitive. And, very few of the remaining 80% have heard of hypersensitivity.

So, yes your partner feels misunderstood. But, it goes further than that: he or she is really literally misunderstood.

And, unfortunately, your partner has had to learn to deal with people’s reactions.

Between those who try to put him or her in a small box, those who stuck a stereotype on him or those who try to convince him or her that something is wrong with him or her, your partner must have got used to .

If you take a completely different approach where you openly listen and try to understand his experiences, you will stand out.

And, your partner will love you all the more for it!

2. Someone who is hypersensitive needs a little more time to adjust to changes.

Change is difficult for everyone to accept. But, very sensitive people feel everything much more deeply so it is particularly difficult for them.

So even positive changes are a real pain! Starting a new romantic relationship can be confusing and emotionally draining.

For example, if you’ve ever seen someone cry over good news, you’ve probably dealt with a very sensitive person.

So your partner is slowly venturing into your romantic relationship, especially at the beginning.

So don’t be surprised if your partner needs time for him or her or if he or she seems mildly attracted to you at first.

Your partner does what he or she has learned to do to protect his or her heart and therefore, by extension, their stress level.

3. A hypersensitive person is affected by their environment.

Each of us has preferences in terms of our social environment or place of peace.

But, a very sensitive person spends a lot more energy than you and I processing the signals around them.

Noise, light, various activities and the presence of other people are all elements that affect the attitude and the good or bad being of this kind of individual.

So even a moderately noisy place can become exhausting and overwhelming for a hypersensitive person.

So she must either leave or face her discomfort and risk fainting. For you, as a partner, this means three simple things.

Before planning anything, ask yourself if your partner is going to like their surroundings.

Then, if the place is going to be noisy, full of people or various activities, let your partner know well in advance.

Finally, if he or she decides to leave, show yourself to be understanding / understanding and support him or her.

Even if your partner was having fun a few minutes ago, everything can change in a snap. Literally…

4. Sometimes he or she needs to spend some time alone.

In some cases, very sensitive people are also introverted. In others, they are extroverted.

No matter what your partner’s character, even the most social or talkative one needs to isolate themselves from time to time.

Sometimes he or she needs to be alone and disappear from the face of the earth to rest and relax.

This need arises from the fact that a lot of stimulation surrounds it. And, it can quickly become too overwhelming for a very sensitive person.

And, he or she needs a break without stimulation to calm down and find himself. If you live apart, your other half might disappear for a few days.

If you are living together, the situation can be a bit complicated.

In this case, your partner surely has a room reserved for him or her where he or she asks you not to enter.

You can ask your other half to tell you when he or she needs to be isolated. And, you have to be prepared to respect this break and not interrupt it.

5. Something to absolutely avoid: playing bad tricks or sneaking around your partner.

No, no and no ! If you like to sneak past your partner to make him or her react, forget it!

Little jokes to make him or her jealous / jealous, manipulation to scare him or cat-and-mouse games are really not the cup of tea of ​​hypersensitive people. So remember this lesson!

By trying to scare or surprise a very sensitive person, you will trigger a series of uncontrollable reflexes.

And no ! It won’t make him or her laugh. And, your partner will need a long time to recover from their feelings.

6. A very sensitive person feels what his / her partner feels.

Very often people lie when it comes to their emotions or feelings.

“What’s going on ?” – “Nothing, I’m fine!”… Perhaps these white lies, as they say, are intended to facilitate the romantic relationship.

I’m not sure… Very sensitive people can’t help but notice the emotional clues that are hidden.

For them, they are like subliminal signs. That way, they spot the tension in your voice, your shrug, or the fact that you’re suddenly avoiding meeting his gaze.

Hypersensitive people often make these comments unconsciously.

They spot these signals, interpret them and absorb them and this allows them to feel what their loved ones are feeling, despite themselves.

So your stress is the stress of your partner. And, your hidden anger gets him a long worrying session.

It can be difficult to deal with and endure. But, if you’re willing to talk openly about your feelings and know how to listen, you can make your life easier.

When very sensitive people know that they can speak freely about how they feel and that they are heard, they know they have found their life partner.

7. Sometimes you will be completely speechless.

Interpreting and dealing with stress and stimulation can be… stressful! But, that also has a good side!

All the qualities that make a very sensitive person difficult to grasp also give him a rare gift.

And, over the years, it intensifies. Dating such a person means that from time to time you are going to be blown away for their worldview or creation.

Your partner is able to come out of nowhere with completely revolutionary ideas and very original works of art.

The biggest secret of a very sensitive person is that once they trust you completely, they finally start to share all their brilliance and all their vulnerability with you.

8. A very sensitive person needs to connect with his / her partner on an extremely deep level.

As your partner interprets all the information he or she receives in a much deeper way than most people, he or she thinks about the big questions in life.

It can be things as watery as how his friendship with this or that person will develop.

But, it can also be matters as cosmic as the future of the human race. And, I’m not even kidding!

However, a very sensitive person very quickly tries to get beyond the level of superficial conversations.

She seeks to know her / her partner, their ideas, their way of thinking and their ambitions.

So when you go on a date with him or her, you have to have an open mind and you have to be prepared to talk about the biggest topics.

9. Conflict has a very negative impact on hypersensitive people.

Of course, it’s not uncommon to come across people who don’t like conflict. But, for very sensitive people, it goes beyond that.

Arguments are the greatest source of upheaval. These are situations that require a quick and resolute response (sensory overload).

This response must imperatively be accompanied by a release of emotional signals (emotional overload).

In short, they need a firm fist for high sensitivity. Moreover, it is for this same reason that these people do not support criticism.

Who says criticism, says conflict and therefore emotional overload. So no matter what, hypersensitive people go out of their way to make their partner happy.

Sometimes it’s a positive thing for the couple; at other times it is a disguised cataclysm.

So it can become a problem if hypersensitive people are not able to defend their own needs.

If you are dating such a person, you should be aware of this! Help your partner feel safe to talk freely about what is going on in their head.

Then you have to try to find a way together to better handle your conflicts and arguments.

Once again, I repeat: your listening skills and the creation of a safe space where discussion can take place without shouting are major assets.

10. The two words to never use! Oh, never …

If there is one thing that annoys your partner, it is the increasingly present use of these two words.

Take my word for it when I tell you that he or she is tired of hearing them because people keep repeating them to him or her.

“Too sensitive” and “Shy”… bite your tongue if you’re tempted to pronounce them! Instead of being judgmental, give your partner time to explain how he or she is feeling to you.

Don’t judge him or her. Instead of coming to your own conclusions, observe his behavior and ask him questions that will help you better understand the situation.

It is quite difficult to be hypersensitive, misunderstood and judged so your partner does not need, above all that, to be rejected and criticized by love of his life.

He or she will really appreciate that you take the time to try to understand his or her attitude.


If you are able to listen to and accept your hypersensitive partner, he or she will love you with all their being.

You will then experience unconditional love like never before. And, if he or she can trust you when he or she is overwhelmed by his or her emotions, your partner knows that he or she has found his / her soul mate.


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