Have you finally forgotten your ex? Here are the 5 signs that prove it does!

This is the word that most represents the feeling you get when you finally forgot your ex.

And, that relief can have an almost euphoric effect. It is as if you are becoming addicted to this feeling of new found fullness.

You know… When you don’t follow him on social media anymore. Or, when you no longer spend your nights dreaming about the common future that you have lost.

When you can listen to someone say their first name without falling into depression.

In short, when you finally find the strength to leave your ex in the past, your new life begins.

You feel like you can breathe again. You can listen to the radio and love songs without crying.

And, when you log on to social networks, you no longer worry about seeing a photo that might upset you appear on your screen.

Besides, you can even go out and go to parties without being afraid to run into him because you don’t really care if he’s going to be there or not.

Finally, it’s a liberation!

When you think back to all that you’ve been through because of a man who didn’t deserve you, you wonder if you’re a bit of a masochist.

Certainly, your romantic relationship had started well. You could feel butterflies in your stomach and he seemed ready to engage.

You both made an effort to make each other happy and you enjoyed spending time together.

Besides, you felt like you were really in love. You thought his feelings were genuine.

A painful breakup

Then all of a sudden everything changed. He took his distance and stopped making efforts and compromises.

After a while, you got the impression that he was only looking for the positive sides of a relationship (like sex) but refused the negative or restrictive sides (like commitment or emotional connection). .

Without an explanation or a valid reason, he left you. Apparently he thought the grass was greener elsewhere.

He first chained the blows of an evening then he quickly got back into a relationship. He behaved like you’ve never been in his life.

You, on the other hand, suffered, alone, in your corner. You were questioning your whole romantic relationship.

And, you even started to doubt your qualities and your assets. Besides, you even lost the will to fight for healing.

You completely let yourself go. So you fell into depression. And, the slope was difficult to go up.

But, at some point, you clicked. If he didn’t care so much about you why did you continue to suffer for him?

This simple idea made no sense to you. And, it is at this precise moment that you decided to roll up your sleeves to fight for your happiness.

This fight has been long and difficult. But, finally, you managed to get your head out of the water! You have become stronger, more confident and more independent.

How do you know if you’ve forgotten your ex?

Of course, you are aware that you are no longer in love with your ex. But, how can you be sure you really forgot about it?

You might be afraid of falling back into his clutches if he looks soft at you and tells you he’s changed.

I’ll tell you one thing: your behavior is the answer to your question. Here are 5 attitudes you adopt when you’ve completely left your ex out.

If you recognize yourself in this description, you can be sure that you will never be fooled by this man again.

You left it in the past and you mourned this romantic relationship, once and for all.

5 signs that your ex is truly an ancient story:

The simple fact that you don’t text him as soon as you see him driving past you is a victory in itself.

This desperate approach to finding a way to strike up a conversation with him is no longer worthy of you.

When you’ve forgotten your ex, you don’t try to make any kind of contact.

Now let’s see together what are the most important signs that you have finally moved on.

1. When you meet him somewhere, you don’t go out of your way to say “Hello” to him.

When you’ve finally forgotten your ex, you have no problem leaving him where he belongs: in the past.

For example, if you meet him in a cafe working on his computer, you are not going to go see him and distract his attention.

If he hasn’t seen you, you will continue on your way as if nothing had happened. You’ll only greet him from a distance if he looks up from his screen.

Now you are strangers detached from each other who continue with their individual lives.

You live freely. You have no valid reason to disturb him while he is working and you are aware of that.

Plus, when you’ve really forgotten your ex, you don’t really want to see him. It’s not because you hate him!

Simply, the fact of seeing it or not does not bring you anything constructive or interesting. So you don’t force contact.

2. When curiosity takes hold, you take a little tour of his Facebook or Instagram account. But, you don’t feel anything when you see her photos.

Most of the time, you don’t even feel the urge to follow his social media posts.

But, sometimes, curiosity is stronger than you. And, then you take a look at his account.

Sometimes it can also be because you are bored. Whatever the reason, which made you click on his name, you are now on his page.

And, you don’t feel anything! Absolutely nothing ! His successes don’t make you jealous or even happy.

You don’t check which women liked or commented on his photos. Besides, you don’t find him beautiful or ugly.

It is total indifference! It’s like you have a vague memory of dating this man but now you feel like he’s a stranger.

The truth is, when you are indifferent to your ex’s presence (which also implies being on social media), it means that there is no longer any feeling that binds you to him.

3. Love songs or love disappointments don’t remind you of him.

Here’s a situation you are most likely familiar with: When you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend, every song you hear reminds you of him.

Whether it’s hip-hop, reggae, country or love songs, it all reminds you of the man who broke your heart.

Besides, sometimes the words don’t matter much. Whatever sound comes from your radio, it makes you think of the good times you shared with your ex.

And, because of that, his absence is even more difficult to bear. But, once your heart is mended, music is no longer your worst enemy.

Even songs that talk about the biggest disappointments in love don’t touch you anymore.

The best way to test this theory is to listen to one of the songs that got you in your worst shape when you broke up.

So, if you don’t feel anything anymore and if it doesn’t remind you of anyone, you can really say you’ve forgotten your ex.

4. He continues to move forward in his life and he seems fulfilled. And, seeing it accomplished makes you happy.

Someone tells you about your ex’s new girlfriend or you come across a photo of him with his new partner on Facebook but it doesn’t cause you any negative reaction.

You don’t feel any animosity, resentment or jealousy towards your ex or the woman who took your place.

Besides, you do not question their relationship and you do not compare yourself to his new partner.

Your ego is not pushing you to try to conquer it just to prove that you are able to reclaim it.

In short, when you have really forgotten your ex, you are ready to accept the present as it is.

And, if that means your ex-romantic partner has found someone else to love, so be it!

Moreover, you do not hesitate to like their common photos or to send them congratulations.

Why not ? You are happy for them! After all, everyone deserves to be loved and to find what they are looking for.

It may have taken you a while to come to terms with everything that has happened between you, but now that your healing is complete, you realize that you were not meant for each other.

5. You are able to love another man.

When you’ve finally drawn the line on your ex, that is, on your old love, you’re ready to love another man.

Your actions are no longer driven by wanting to make your ex jealous or make them suffer.

You don’t try to forget your past with a new love, and you don’t rush into any relationship just to not think about your ex.

Once you’ve moved on, once you’ve grown up and learned the lessons you needed to understand from your breakup, you’re ready for a fresh relationship.

And, when your new love is not an extension of your past, then you can truly consider yourself healed.


Recovering healthily from a breakup is far from easy. It takes time and energy.

And, above all, you need a lot of courage and perseverance. So if you recognize yourself in the signs above, congratulations!

You can be proud of yourself and the work you have accomplished. Your negative emotions no longer rule your life and you are free from the burden of the past!


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