Here’s how to recognize a man’s intentions in 10 steps

A man’s intentions are not always easy to read. Especially if your partner is sending you mixed signals.

What does he really want? Is he genuinely interested in me or is he just looking for a one night stand or a superficial relationship?

These doubts create feelings of confusion and frustration in you. But, whatever goal you set for your love life, you shouldn’t stick with a man whose intentions you doubt.

And, if you think it is not easy to discover a man’s true intentions, know that you are wrong.

Observe his body language, the way he is held when you speak and the way he expresses himself.

How does he treat you? Does he only call you when he’s bored or when he needs your help?

Tell him clearly what your intentions are and watch his reaction, you might be surprised.

And, if you’re not compatible, just split up. After all, you don’t have time to waste on men who don’t really deserve you.

It is therefore important for you to learn to detect the true intentions of a man. And, since you’re not the only one asking yourself this kind of question, I tried to make it easier for all women who doubt their partner.

First, we will see together how to spot the runner, that is to say the man who is not looking for anything serious, the one who simply wants somersaults under the duvet!

Then we will focus on the typical behavior of the man who is really interested in you.

You will be able to see for yourself that the intentions of this type of man are crystal clear.

You will surely say to yourself, “But, how stupid I am… It’s obvious!” But, believe me when you’re in love, your judgment loses its sharpness.

You are blinded by love and if you do not immediately discover the true intentions of a man, it is normal.

Those who hide their game are professional manipulators! So, no… you’re not stupid. You just need a little help learning to spot the telltale signs.

You must also learn to trust your instincts and not let your emotions control your decisions.

A man’s intentions: the runner

The runner is very often also a manipulator. So by nature he hides his game very well.

He is able to say what you want to hear to draw you into his nets. Here are the 5 most obvious signs that your partner isn’t looking for anything serious.

Honestly, if he behaves this way, your romantic relationship has no future. So instead of continuing to waste your time, end it as soon as possible.

This will prevent you from having a broken heart and losing confidence in the male sex. A man’s intentions are unfortunately not always pure and you must learn to face this reality.

1. Eye contact is the answer to all of your questions.

Eye contact or the lack of it can tell you everything about a man’s intentions. Someone who is genuinely interested in you will look you in the eye.

On the other hand, if your partner is only looking at your chest or observing your outfits or the way you walk, you can be sure that he is not looking for anything serious.

2. He seems more interested in your physique than your mind.

Your partner often asks you to send him pictures of yourself, sometimes even naughty pictures.

He also asks you how you are going to dress for your meeting and when you introduce yourself, he immediately makes comments (positive or negative) about your physique or your clothes.

3. Your partner can only see you at night and loves last minute plans.

In your relationship, messages offering last minute appointments are commonplace. He calls you around 8 p.m., for example, to set you up on a date at 9 p.m.

Either he’s bored, his plan for that night has been canceled, or he’s just looking for a somersault partner.

4. This man uses almost daring language.

Whether by message, call or verbally, your partner tends to use vulgar or even coarse language.

Besides, he also does not hesitate to tell you about his past romantic / sexual relationships and talks about his obsession with a particular part of the body.

5. The places he chooses for your meetings make you uncomfortable.

Some places lend themselves to privacy, others not. But, if you don’t feel comfortable in the places you go, it’s because your instincts are trying to send a message to you.

Also, if you mostly see yourself at his or her home, he may be trying to hide you from the outside world. Maybe he has someone else under his elbow!

These 5 telltale signs are proof that your partner isn’t looking for anything serious. He just wants to have fun.

The intentions of a man who is a runner are easy to disguise under a devastating smile and fine words. So be careful and open your eyes!

The behavior of a man who really cares about you

On the flip side, the intentions of a man you really like can also be easily deciphered if you know what telltale signs to look for.

So here is a list of 10 behaviors that a partner adopts who actually has feelings for you.

Thanks to this guide, you will no longer have any doubts about the man who shares your life.

1. Your partner talks about your future as a couple.

As soon as your date ends, he already offers you another one. He also talks about what you are going to do for the next vacation and is quite capable of planning for the short, medium and long term.

2. Your appointments are not limited to somersaults in bed.

He invites you to dinner or to the cinema. Your partner offers you cultural and sports outings. In short, your appointments are not limited to the four walls of his apartment.

Plus, even if his schedule is crowded, he always finds a time slot for you because he wants to spend time with the woman he likes.

3. Public displays of affection do not scare him.

Your partner is proud to be with you because he is in love or about to be. So he doesn’t hesitate to walk around with you and hold your hand.

And, when you ask him for a kiss in public, he doesn’t be embarrassed or shy, he hugs you and kisses you passionately.

4. He does everything he can not to hurt you.

He cares about what you think and feel so he pays attention to his behavior and the words he uses.

And, if he is awkward and hurtful it is because he is not aware of it. He does everything to make you happy.

5. Your partner checks in on you regularly.

Your man is not the type to only send you messages in the evening or at night when he wants a quick fix.

He checks in with you during the week to find out if you’re okay and how your day is going.

6. He asks you personal questions and tries to get to know better.

He tries to find out who you really are because he knows he wants to make your relationship work.

So all the information you give her is useful for her in choosing your next gift or in establishing a stable and lasting emotional bond.

7. When he compliments you, it’s not just about your looks.

He finds you beautiful, of course, but not only. Your partner tells you that he thinks you are smart and creative.

In short, he loves your personality as much as your physique. Besides, he notices a few details that you yourself weren’t aware of, like the way you smile when you eat ice cream.

8. He is always available to you.

He always finds time to answer your messages or call you. Moreover, he does not hesitate to be the first to initiate communication.

As soon as you have a problem, he runs to you and helps you solve your problems. So he tries to make you understand that you can count on him.

9. He talks about you to his relatives.

His friends and family know all about you because he can’t help but talk about your romantic relationship.

You fascinate him and he intends to stay with you for the long term so he talks about your qualities and your successes with all those close to him. He is proud of you!

10. He wants or has already introduced you to his family and friends.

On the one hand, he wants to show his family and friends what a gem you are. On the other hand, he wants to prove to you that you have an important place in his life.

He takes full responsibility for his feelings for you and wants to show everyone that you are the perfect couple.

If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who behaves like this, I can assure you two things. 1: he loves you; 2: your romantic relationship is made to last.

When love, respect and communication are present within a couple, a man’s intentions are clear.

You can be sure that he really likes you and that he wants to make your relationship work. Congratulations! And, enjoy your fairy tale .


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