Human resources management what is it?

Human resources management what is it?

The concept of human resources management. It focuses on the skill of constituting the personnel that makes up a company or industry, in order to capture the most appropriate person and that harmonizes with the employer and human team that composes it. It is responsible for establishing, guiding, motivating, redistributing and instructing the human team. With the objective that each person occupies his position efficiently. That integrates the progress of the company. You feel part of the organization and in turn successfully achieve your goals.

It is defined that in every organization or company there is a department focused on the administration or organization of human resources. Composed of a trained staff to choose the right staff, trained to perform a specific activity in the company. Similarly, the hiring of each member of the company depends on the needs of the company. Before hiring personnel, it is necessary to trace what jobs are needed (see Administrative Engineering )

In addition to which profile must be recruited to perform effectively. After their recruitment, it is necessary to integrate each member with the challenge of their corresponding authorities. The human resource administration has the responsibility to instruct the staff of all requirements.

Employees who are given positions of greater responsibility must be offered personal development. That in turn favors the organization. A constant evaluation of the work performed by each member of the company is necessary.

Department of Human Resources Administration

It is necessary for the administration department. Examine performance, commitment, education and customer service when they perform in those areas. The harmony that each one maintains with his companions and maximum authorities. Since that depends on the work environment and its performance.

It is necessary to calculate the salary of each member of the company. Depending on the number of staff, position and seniority. It is recommended that the human resource administration plan and carry out activities that represent an incentive for employees.

Human Resources Administration History

The administration of human resources has its origin in history at the time they begin with the development of organizational activities. It is in the first stage of the twentieth century that the administration of human resources begins to be known clearly.

After the development and perpetuation of the industrial revolution. He began by calling himself industrial relations, whose role was to be an intermediary between the staff and the senior managers of the company. They need to take care of devising strategies that reduce conflicts between members of the company. At the same time, a good organizational process and individual objectives are carried out. This process was performed contrary to what was done.

Due to the belief that there were certain processes related to comfort in staff that did not matter. Before carrying out this process, the staff and the company worked in the same space but had no interaction. That is why this type of process is created to find intermediaries that allow the two sectors to understand each other (See Business Engineering )

At that time it is determined that this work will be called industrial relations. Whose objective is to choose, trained people who do not put the capital of the company at risk. At the same time they do not cause any related conflict in the work area. The evolutionary processes related to the industrial sector were changing over time. With this, the description of industrial relations was modified (see Commercial Engineering )

The 90’s

It is in the early 1950s that the denomination of industrial relations was modified. It is called personnel administration. This is due to the fact that these trained personnel not only dealt with resolving and avoiding conflicts in the work area. Its priority objective was now related to administering people who met the needs of each position imposed on the company. In turn manage the difficulties that represent a conflict for employees and authorities.

In the year 1960 approximately modifications are made again related to the now called personnel administration. The processes that were carried out after the new responsibilities of these workers did not progress. In turn, new business goals evolved and increased greatly.

At this time that all human personnel began to be considered really fundamental for the success of the company. They became the living resource and with reasoning abilities. With those that count the industrial sectors to solve the challenges imposed in the market and stay in the sector.

It is in the 1970s that it begins with the denomination and description of human resources administration. However, there were still pieces of the blindness of the work of the productive resource. And personnel in charge of carrying out activities of projection and execution of needs presented by the industrial sector.

In this, human resources personnel were managed within all areas related to administration. Personnel, collection processes of those personnel trained to perform a certain area. This position was based on the administration of the company or the main department of human resources.

Human resources administration today

The development by which the business sector has been involved due to economic globalization. Extensive competitiveness in the industrial market, constant evolution, unpredictable innovations and commitment to the environment. At present, evolution has brought with it, that companies that are perpetuated in the market.

They do not carry out a human resource or personnel administration. This is because they are no longer treated as positive dependent agents. At present, this process is called administration with people.

The concept that manages the business sectors is that of active agents with proactive capabilities. With great intellectual and innovative capabilities. Able to carry out decisive processes that provide benefits to the company and as individuals. With capabilities related to competitiveness, mastery of physical manual activities and sometimes even handmade. The industrial sector no longer sees the staff as a trained resource to solve the needs.

That determine the organization and its costs. At this time the company’s staff is of vital importance, because it is the one that drives the innovative processes. They perfectly manage the market and technologies to use. They are considered minority partners that generate effective economic processes, not resources. (See Commercial Engineering )

Management of objective human resources

The objectives of human resources management are divided into sectors, which are:

  • Corporate objective: the area specialized in human resources management. Their priority results in the contribution of projections to the success of the company in which they work.
  • Functional objectives: they are responsible for protecting everything related to the human resources of the industry. As long as the needs and objectives of the company are not affected.
  • Social objectives: this sector is committed to exercising its functions ethically. In the same way they must have a responsibility towards society. They need to maintain constant social studies. Let you determine your needs. This sector must be constantly monitoring the situations exercised by society that are negative for the company.
  • Personal objectives: the personnel that make up the business sector want to achieve achievements. This achievement process contributes to the achievements of the company. Since all personnel improvement favors the organization. It is the human resources department responsible for contributing to all the aspirations of the staff and the company.

Human Resources Administration Importance

The administration of human resources, has a great importance for the processes and projections of execution in the companies. It is for this reason that you must maintain an important respect and know the primary processes of this department. Staff Specialist

It is remarkable to determine that the people who work in an industry. They are vital factors for the evolution of industrial activities.

The recruitment process of personnel and importance of the specialized department of human resources. It has essential features that make them prominent. The personnel who work within it, must have intuition to choose the necessary workers to perform their work correctly. They must meet the objectives imposed by the company.

In the same way it is necessary that they get people who maintain a pleasant atmosphere and meet their professional needs. Staff must have factors related to knowledge and skill. That they handle all the necessary activities to perform an optimal job.

Business and human resources

Every company has a common factor. They are made up of a group of people who play different roles in the company. Either in smaller or larger numbers. It is the people who make up this sector who collaborate to achieve goals and difficulties in the company. That is why it can be considered to be the primary elements in organizations. That is why you must attend and value your work.

If an organization only had capital, technological resources, machinery and no staff, it would be unsuccessful. The same would happen if the organization did not value its staff, because it is necessary to constantly motivate this great resource.

Companies are made up of people who become a team to achieve benefits for the organization and individually. For the organization of vital importance the work environment that describes them. Since there is your success or failure.

Companies differ by the people who make it up. His abilities to carry out his work materializing his knowledge in activities. It is thanks to the staff that other resources, such as capital and artifacts that can use these resources efficiently.

That is why the human resource that is part of organizations is the engine of these. Without this resource it would be impossible to conduct a company.

That is why it is considered that the main asset of an organization is the human resource. More than machinery or capital that is managed in the company. In any industry there is a sector in charge of human resources. He is the one who manages, searches and guides the staff.

Important human resource functions

The functions that make human resources important are divided into six items:

  • They must describe what human resources are required to work in the company
  • Search and accept those people who meet the requirements of the organization
  • Hire and keep in charge the most suitable and trained people in the company
  • Through maneuvers make staff feel committed to the objectives of the organization
  • Give economic benefits to those who carry out their work
  • That the company’s personnel achieve their work objectives

Importance of human resources

Human resource management focuses on company personnel. In his election, incorporation, preparation and impulse to his development. They must conform the work of managing the activities related to the surveillance and responsibility of the personnel.

That is why a company always has the sector that manages the personnel or human resources. This activity is divided into two areas of administration and management. The directive focuses on guiding employees. It should motivate them to carry out their work efficiently, monitor the work and seek to evolve as trained personnel. This work is elaborated by the heads of the corporation.

Human Resources Administration career

Human resources management is a career that is responsible for training professionals. Trained in the operation and organization of the personnel of a company. They are responsible for making progress train and direct the human resource.

Everything related to salary resources and their administration is known. In the same way, he is trained to handle labor legislation, personnel selection, appreciation of work and business changes. The careers that relate to human resources management are business administration, human resources management, human resources talent and psychology. (See Mathematical Engineering )

Skills to be part of the human resources management career

  • They must have a commitment for the interests of the human being
  • Create mechanisms that allow people within the work area to interact without conflict. That there is a process that favors social interactions
  • They are trained to guide a staff and in turn guide
  • Skills for listening and improving conflicts
  • Situations that represent conflicts dominate and in turn improve those processes that hinder the work environment
  • Skills to negotiate
  • They can master several activities at once
  • They dominate projections and execute them without difficulty
  • They have the ability to visualize the problems quickly and solve them
  • They are endowed with interpersonal skills, they relate easily
  • They are born leaders
  • They have skills related to strategic process planning

Human Resource Worker Profile

  • Executes projections in the sector specialized in the human resource of a company. Projecting organizational processes related to laws and regulations that identify a specific company.
  • They calm down, project and carry out strategic processes when choosing staff. Through studies they choose to enable and allow the evolution of a person’s work. With the objective that it develops in its position in the best way. They also handle issues related to staff salaries. Also all the changes that may arise related to the position
  • Through projects it facilitates everything related to human interactions. With the objective that the staff be integrated as a team. In this way make the work a more efficient process,
  • They are capable of projecting plans related to union negotiations. With the purpose of benefiting employees and company at the same time
  • They execute processes related to human relationships. Turn through studies. They carry out processes related to the projection of strategies to carry out with the human resource (See Agro-environmental Engineering)

Where they should do their job

  • They are trained to master jobs as managers in publicand private companies . Water forms are managed within government or independent institutions. In the financial sector and the market. Everything related to the human resources of an organization
  • They are consultants in large companies, of any kind
  • They can carry out their work as directors in any type of company or in any university. Whether as director of a school or of all the human resources that are working
  • They are managers in the department in charge of development in some company (see Food Industrial Engineering)
  • They can advise industries and companies regarding the hiring of personnel. What skills do they have, which do they need to develop effectively at work? What a reward staff should get when they do the right job. They do it with independent professionals or hired by a company.
  • They handle the interaction processes work in the company in which they work. How the employee and the employer must act to maintain good relations and obtain their objectives
  • They are trained to impart knowledge. As professors in universities where subjects related to business administration are taught
  • They proceed to develop in educational centers as researchers of topics related to their specialty. Whether in specialized institutes or educational centers
  • They can develop as directors of their own organization or company

Human resources management technician

The technical career in human resources management. Professionals with human resource development capabilities, advice in any sector of the company in which they work for employees. They dominate the area related to the interaction that personnel have when carrying out their work processes. In the same way they know and defend the salary right of the employee. They select the people indicated for each job described by the company.

They train workers and bosses to perform their duties correctly. They plan plans that address business safety and hygiene. They are responsible for determining the factors that describe a position and examine the attitudes of the person who executes it.

The technical institutes of human resources management. It resembles the engineering career in human resources management. That is why within its subjects are some areas that handle situations related to that career. It is sought that graduates of this technician are quality professionals, trained to handle human activities.

Occupational field of human resources management technician

  • They work within banking or financial institutions
  • They occupy positions related to the administration of pension funds
  • They work within organizations that deal with health, such as clinics and hospitals
  • They can work in public institutions related to municipalities and ministries
  • They work in companies where departments related to social and preventive assistance are managed
  • Institutes focused on providing education
  • They work in organizations that focus on providing services. These provide advice in the human resource sector

Profile of graduates in human resources technique

They are professionals who are fully trained to dominate the human resources management sector. They manage everything related to the personnel that work in the organization they work for. They are trained to detect and solve problems that affect both the employee and the employer (See Mechanical Civil Engineering )

Likewise, they plan plans related to the relations between the employee and the entrepreneur so that the work is more peaceful. It covers the needs and objectives of all the people who interact in the company. Process plans that improve relationships and communication between employees. It is committed to the welfare of the employee and employer.

Engineering in human resources management

Engineering in human resources management. It aims to train trained professionals to carry out related to management and management in a company. They are handled efficiently in the operating sector. They offer advice to companies, in aspects related to the functions that personnel must perform. They handle everything related to human resources in a company.

Engineering professionals in human resources management. They are trained to obtain high knowledge in the administrative sector of an industry or organization. They also know about aspects related to the branches of engineering. That is why they have great knowledge and processes related to the productive and administrative process of the company. They carry out projects that improve the productive interrelations of the company’s workers.

They manage the relationships of employees of various departments. They are professionals who develop processes related to projection that improves processes related to human resources. It solidifies the skills of each employee and guarantees their execution to obtain general and personal purposes.

Through previously obtained knowledge in study centers these professionals execute processes of choice, incorporation and preparation. That benefits the staff and the company. They carry out teaching processes that improve the execution of activities. As is the case of developing knowledge related to the use of software. They allow workers to adapt to the requirements of the company. They defend the rights of the employee and manage the financial resources.

Human resources engineering graduate profile

The human resources engineer is a professional who complies with industrial administrative processes. However, they focus mainly on performing administrative processes in human resources. It manages projects that lead to improving the processes that manage personnel.

They guide the workers in the objectives of the company and make them their objectives. They plan projects that contribute to the market evolution of a company. Perform personnel audit. They plan processes that allow staff to train more every day and execute their work more efficiently.

Labor field of the human resources engineer

The professional who specializes in human resources engineering. It will be a multifunctional person, who has knowledge about everything related to his specialty. That is why you can work within companies of any caliber, specialty and size.

Their main work is human resources, which is why they can also be carried out in the public sector. They are professionals who can carry out their work independently. Their field is extensive as long as they carry out the recruitment , training and staff development processes . Always favoring the employee and the employer.

Human Resources Administration degree

The graduates in human resources management. They have functions related to the development and performance of administrative processes related to personnel. They have capabilities related to research, evaluation, direction and advice of administrative processes. Always in search of the evolution of the processes related to the human resource of the institution in which they work.

They tend to perform in positions such as the management of the personnel regulation department. They are directors and bosses in companies. In the same way they work in classrooms as teachers of subjects related to the administration. They analyze and scare situations related to the projection of trained personnel. They are professionals that are managed within the public and private sectors with the same efficiency.

They carry out any activity that relates to the human capital of organizations . They develop in institutes that select and train personnel that meet the requirements of the company. They handle the processes related to salary , contract and processes related to the employee’s work and efficiency.

Roles of human resources graduates

Professionals who graduate career management of human resources . They are experts in sectors related to industrial relations. Knowledge related to personnel administration dominate.

They establish through the regulations of the company the contract that employees must sign to work within the adjacencies. They handle the processes related to the social security of the employees, hygiene of the areas of the company and security of the same.

They are the ones who choose, train and develop the labor aspects of the employee. They train the employer and employee to relate easily. In this way they handle industrial processes with greater efficiency and under a better environment. They assist companies in everything related to the industry at the level of human relations. They work as teachers of higher education.

Activities carried out by human resources administration graduates

  • They plan plans that favor relationships between employees. They carry out an introductorycommunication process that allows everyone to integrate as a team in the company. All these processes through exhibitions, workshops and talks
  • Sectors related to personnel training dominate. They easily dialogue and analyze the events that arise in organizations. They listen to opinions and make changes in administrative processes if necessary. They carry out activities that allow everyone to be integrated as a team in the work area
  • They have technological knowledge. Among its main support are the computers that make your work faster and more efficient
  • They are able to examine and evaluate all data processes and reports related to work activities. Made by the human resources of a company
  • Establish, project and execute planning related to the welfare of a company’s human resource. Your needs according to the region and culture that is managed in your environment
  • Evaluate, process and carry out procedures related to industrial and labor psychology in which their employees work

Graduates in human resources guarantee

  • Examine and execute systems that determine staff capabilities
  • They guarantee methodological processes that are effective for work efficiency. They carry out previously studied projects
  • Through backgroundinvestigations they guarantee that the processes studied are effective for human development in the company (See  Biomedical Engineering )
  • Through projects, they interact with academic institutions at the level of achievement. In order to make the research they carry out more productive and truthful

Master in Human Resources Administration

Due to the evolution the concept of employee has changed. Currently they are valued as strategic assets for the success of a company. That is why for a company to stand out in the market. You must have professionals capable of managing with all employees. In this way having the power to select people who are able to function in their position with great efficiency. At this time a series of study programs are carried out that train professionals.

With the objective of preparing them in the management of personnel in the industries. Where global processes in the business market are emphasized. Performing strategic activities that guarantee the success of the organization. (See Aeronautical Engineering )

Universities such as UNEFA, located in Venezuela . It has the power to specialize through masters to professionals in human resources management. Through regional and international research .

That allow to understand the conditions in which the personnel of a company must be developed in order to obtain the resounding success. Through doctrines that relate totally to humanity and the development of a country. Causing the prolongation of production processes at the industrial level.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

The purpose of graduates is to induce the professional in skills composed of human processes. These types of studies collaborate greatly with human resources experts. Getting them to develop new skills for selection and management of human talent.

With the ability to carry out activities that favor the administrative processes of human recourse of a company. For them the human resource in the business administration is the human material. That brings benefits related to the production and application in the market. It allows the organization to favor its situation through personnel-related strategies. Implementing strategies in the people who work in it.

They must master and implement communication between the people who work in the company in the work environment. Leadership of each of the managers and directors of each department. Processes that cause good teamwork. Causing that the organizational conditions of the company are optimal and enable the development of the same. By enabling them to process any changes, either gradual or abrupt in the industrial sector.

Objective of human resources administration graduates

They carry out a process that allows professionals to obtain the necessary tools to address the adaptive processes of human capital . Projecting activities that process the skills and abilities of staff. Thus improving the processes of evolution in the industry (see  engineering in risk prevention  )

Programmatic content

MODULE I: Conceptualization of Human Management. Human resources management.

  • Human Resources concept. Human management.
  • Objectives of Human Resource management.
  • Functions of Human Resources Management.

MODULE II: Concept of personal, group and organizational development.

  • Personal development.
  • Group Evolution
  • Class 3: Organizational development.

MODULE III: Models of Organizational Culture.

  • Organizational Culture
  • Creation and maintenance of organizational culture.
  • Organizational climate. Organizational Climate Scale ..
  • Bases of organizational process. Effectiveness.

MODULE IV: Human Resources Management.

  • Design and analysis of jobs.
  • Performance Planning and Evaluation.


Final Research Work.

Administration of human resources characteristics

  • They are part of the company but they are not its assets. Unlike other resources such as technology, machinery and materials to process. What employees select and hire human resources specialists. They grant the company the assets as individuals are knowledge, skills and experience.
  • When a person is hired the efforts and objectives begin to relate to those of the company. That is why the success of the individual brings with it the success of the business organization.
  • It is necessary to detect and address the skills, knowledge and experiences of human resources that a company possesses. Since this determines the success or failure of a business organization
  • Personnel in charge in the human resources sector are trained every day. Through programs that develop their skills in relation to social interactions
  • The person in charge of human resources in a company is not numerous. This is because each member of the company has certain skills to produce good business development.

At an individual level the human resource of a company has attributes that are composed of:

Demography: this factor focuses on the age, sex, marital status of the individual, social level and academic abilities

Capacity: it studies the factors that determine the skills, knowledge and attitudes that determine the individual

Psychological: it focuses on studying ethical values, personality, reactions and attitudes that describe staff

Human resources administration thesis

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Wages and salaries human resources administration

The salary and salary is referred to as the payment made to workers in the form of assets as economic units. Professionals in charge of human resources dominate issues related to this economic factor. Since they supervise and develop the payment processes of employees working in a company. Always looking to favor both parties, employee and entrepreneur. His salary ranges from $ 286,000.

Administration and selection of human resources

The selection of the human resource, in summary . It focuses on the activity of choosing trained personnel for a certain position. This is done through interviews and tests related to the position you are opting for. The human resources department managers have the task of choosing the most qualified of the applicants to fill the position. With the aim of improving or maintaining the conditions in which the company is located.

The person with the greatest knowledge in the given area is sought. More extensive experience, ability to communicate with peers. Capabilities to interrelate. Perform different activities related to your work. Possess similar objectives to those that the company has, so that in this way both obtain their objectives. ( computer engineering )

Human resources administration universities

Professionals graduated in the career of human resources management. This career is studied because they allow them to know and provide employees. Of beneficial factors for the company and as individuals. These experts must be trained to carry out research processes that improve business development. They will assess and manage processes related to the elements of human resources. Why is this career important ? Due contributes to the evolution and achievement of entrepreneur and employee goals.

They work in managerial positions related to personnel. As directors or heads of human resources departments. They assist and investigate processes that solve problems related to interactions between workers. They work within the public and private sector without any difficulty. They recruit and choose trained professionals for certain positions. They advise companies in the human sector.

Human resources administration Latin American approach

Currently, Latin America focuses on developing processes that represent methods of relationship between personnel and companies. They are guided by the legal processes that determine their country and in turn the regulations of the company where they work. They handle the administrative processes related to the human resource of an industry. They apply projections that generate integral development. They train their staff to be comprehensive. They solve serious problems in small periods of time

Human resources administration pensum

Human resources administration career

First year

  • Psychology
  • Administration
  • Human resources management
  • Accounting I
  • Integration, Atmosphere and Communication
  • Organization and Process Design
  • SMEs and Family Companies
  • Quantitative methods
  • Social Trends

Second year

  • Social and Dynamic Group Interaction
  • Training and Development of Human Resources
  • Personnel Administration Procedure
  • Fundamentals of Economy and Finance
  • Right A
  • Communication in the Company
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Right B
  • Cost analysis

Third year

  • Hygiene and industrial security
  • Organizational behavior
  • Ethics, Social Responsibility and Environment
  • Production and Services
  • Self-Assessment and Career Development Workshop
  • Knowledge Management
  • Research and Innovation

Fourth year

  • Organizational Change and Development
  • Human Resources Consulting Workshop
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Talks

Business administration career in human resources

First semester

  • Physical education and sports I
  • Public Management Seminar
  • English
  • Language and communication
  • Math
  • Ethics workshop
  • Management Theory
  • Documentary research techniques
  • Culture (e)
  • Directed Recreation (e)
  • Seminar on health and environmental education (e)

Second semester

  • Physical education and sports II
  • Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Law
  • Basic computer science
  • Instrumental English
  • Financial mathematics
  • Organization and methods
  • Workshop on contemporary problems of science and technology
  • Citizen Education (e)
  • Public Speaking Workshop (e)

Third semester

  • Human resources management
  • General Accounting
  • Organizational behavior
  • Administrative law
  • Design of technical reports
  • Income tax
  • Management Information Systems
  • Decision making (e)
  • Meeting Address (e)

Fourth semester

  • Analysis and description of charges
  • Administration of payroll
  • Hygiene and industrial security
  • Labor legislation
  • Planning and programming
  • Computerized personnel systems
  • Research seminar I
  • Commercial Legislation (e)
  • Psychology applied to the organization (e)

Fifth semester

  • Training and Development
  • Classification and remuneration of charges
  • Performance evaluation
  • Budget
  • Research seminar II
  • Supervisory Techniques
  • Recruitment techniques and human resources selection

Sixth semester

  • Internships
  • Degree thesis

Human resources management interventions

Types of interventions

All professionals related to administrative processes of personnel. They have a developed research instinct. That allows them to improve or maintain the conditions that perpetuate a company in the market. It is in these processes where the intervention factor is presented. They are divided into classic and innovative processes

Human Process Intervention

This sector is responsible for evaluating everything related to employees as individuals. They focus on developing aspects that determine knowledge, skills, personality and that it is difficult for the employee to perform. In this way they are able to describe everything that makes up a person who works in a particular company. What attributes should be strengthened to improve productive development and which should be mastered so as not to cause labor difficulties.

Techno-structural interventions


This intervention element is focused on developing studies that handle all processes related to material resources. In order to make business production work. Elements such as machinery, technological equipment, software with which they handle administrative processes dominate. In the same way they process everything related to the quality of inputs that they must present to their users.

The structure of the company and all the material processes that adapt to the needs. All these resources to support the objectives of the company must be used by trained personnel. The tools must be good, in order to offer good quality products. In the same way if you do not have quality materials, the delivery time is extended. And the amount of processed products decreases.

HR intervention

Develop the planning processes of the company. They carry out projections that determine the performance of each employee, through surveillance activities. How they work in teams. The interactive management they have. Collective objectives and individual objectives. Through their development plans they let their employees know that they are understood as human resources . So that in this way they defend their rights and fulfill their duties as staff.

Through research they proceed to carry out activities that benefit the worker. They grant bonuses to employees who carry out their work with great efficiency. They grant salary increments and charge ascents. They perform acts of recognition towards good employees. These professionals carry out activities that generate recognition and a sense of belonging to employees about the company.

Strategic and environmental interventions

It is responsible for evaluating the sectors with problems in industrial operations. Where projections are made by management departments to improve situations. The strategic intervention is carried out under the following conditions:

  • The strategic functions work with difficulty and the operating procedures are generating aspects that deteriorate the company
  • The main objectives of organizations are not achieved effectively
  • The external environment influences negatively
  • The managers department decides to carry out processes that improve business conditions. They proceed to make external and internal changes in the facilities that improve the conditions of the organization.

Human resources administration today

Technological aspects have determined the evolution of human resources. Thanks to her, tools have been created that make her work less complex.

In the past the human resource was called the process of management and management of people. With the aim of establishing a relationship between the employee and the company. Currently, the protection of personnel is added to this activity. Well, the human being is a being with reason that has emotions. Therefore, emotions must be monitored to obtain interpersonal relationships more quickly.

  • It is necessary to prevent staff from being unmotivated. Well that determines the success or failure of the company. The human resource must project a series of methods so that their collective and personal motivations are effected.
  • They consist of the following aspects

Creation of a corporate culture

It is common for candidates who run in companies to go to the company to present their curriculum. Attracted by the corporate image that the company possesses. That is why plans are drawn to improve the work aspect of the company. With the objective of carrying out processes that attract candidates.

Compensation plans and benefits


We must implement processes that meet the needs of the staff. And thanks to studies, it has been determined that employees value time the most. That is why companies must take personal life into account to have a better working life. That is why overtime work is so paid.

Performance management

Processes that determine the choice and recruitment of personnel must be carried out. At present, some companies still do not pursue specific tools that improve the recruitment process. That is why certain companies do not cover with the need to get good staff. This weakens the labor process.

Search and capture talent

The search for candidates for the company is complicated. That is why certain aspects that determine channels and sources of seclusion are projected. They carry out processes that relate job offers on specialized websites. Likewise, consultants are presented that make it easier to select.

Training and development of employees


Employees have certain knowledge that motivates their hiring. However, companies are currently processing plans that develop more skills for the employee.

Introduction and new tools

The introduction of our technologies has improved the work process. That is why the human resource must take care of incorporating them in all sectors. Thanks to this type of innovation, staff recruitment is less complex. Since there are software that trace what is needed in a job.

Nursing Human Resources Administration

Human resources administration focuses on monitoring personnel in all sectors:

  • Medical human resource
  • Assistance, technical and paramedical staff
  • Administrative Human Resource

Each sector has different needs due to the characteristics that compose them. However, everyone has the objective of guaranteeing a health-related service. That is why the management of relationships in medical personnel is central to it. That is why I know that elements related to the personal expectations of the employee must be prioritized. Institutional responsibilities and what role it has.

Human resources administration in the public sector

Human resources in institutions related to the state. They are of great importance for the growth and efficient management of the work in that sector. This is because its efficient work generates large productive processes. These professionals should be guided by the mandates of senior officials. They are dedicated to guide the processes that officials must perform in relation to staff.

Human resources administration recruitment and selection

What is the sector related to human resource management. It is focused on performing human relations processes. In order to know their skills, knowledge and skills. In order to verify if the person possesses the qualities to perform a productive job in the company that works.

In the recruitment process, professionals identify all the elements that the applicant has. How do the labor processes of the position for which they opt. They deal with charming people who have characteristics related to the position offered by the organization. The worker must be aware of their abilities and skills and proceed to perform them efficiently (see article  mining engineering )


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