What Is Human Body Temperature,How To Check Body Temperature

Human Body Temperature is the state of hotness of body or the degree of heat of body. The human body is normally maintained in a state of hotness called normal body temperature, which is 98.6°F or 37°C. During certain abnormal conditions of body or part of body the temperature increases or decreases. In certain condition the tempe­rature may go up or down to alarming condition thus requiring proper measurement to take due steps to bring body to normal temperature either by physical methods or by medications.

Purpose of measuring temperature

  • To know the normal or abnormal temperature of body during illness.
  • To assist doctor to reach a diagnosis.
  • To give some injection or I.V. Therapy or blood transfusion.
  • To assess the effect of treatment provided by doctors.
  • To administer anti-pyretic or analgesics or oral vaccines to children.

Places for taking temperature

  • Oral, below tongue.
  • In axilla.
  • In Inguinal region or groin
  • In rectumNormally oral temperature is taken as normal body tempera­ture. One degree Fahrenheit is to be added to axilla and groin temperature. Rectal temperature is said to be ideal temperature of body which is always little higher (about 1 degree F than oral temperature).Universals General instruction of taking Human Body Temperature For Doctors And nurses
  • Thermometer should be cleaned in cold water before use.
  • It should be brought below normal body temperature 37°C or 98.6°F before taking temperature.
  • The patient should be informed about the procedure and place of insertion.
  • The temperature should not be taken just after taking food or drinks may be cold or hot when oral temperature is taken.
  • The thermometer should be placed in such a way that a comes in proper contact to the body tissue or organ.
  • Normally it should be placed for 2 minutes.
  • Wait 10-30 minutes after food or liquid taken by patient.
  • Do not take temperature if patient is breathless, or during disease or injury to mouth or during convulsion.

Precautions of Taking Temperature

  • Wait 10-30 minutes after food or liquid taken by patient.
  • Do not take temperature if patient is breathless, or during disease or injury to mouth or during convulsion.
  • Never handle thermometer by bulb.
  • If a child or adult patient bites or breaks thermometer in mouth never be panic as mercury in thermometer is in metallic base form which is harmless if taken to stomach. Oxides of Mer Metallic poisonous not metallic mercury. Simply clean the glass pieces from mouth by cotton pieces. You can give egg of white to the patient for emulsification action and easy removal by stool. Inform the mater to senior staff and doctor.
  • Temperature below 97°F or above 100°F should be intimated.
  • Never take oral and rectal temperature at the same time.
  • Never use 01 al thermometer for rectal use or vice versa. Rectal thermometer is different in make than oral thermo­meter.
  • Never tell the patient regarding his temperature.
  • Time of taking temperature
  • Just after admission of a patient in hospital.
  • Routinely every 4 hourly—6 am, 10 am, 2 pm and 6 pm.
  • Sometimes 2 hourly even during sleep when specially instructed by doctor.
  • very 4 hourly for first 48 hours after operation
    .Before and after certain nursing procedures like blood trans­fusion, serum administration, cold sponging, temperature reduction enema.
  • Immediately after chill.
    During any collapsing stage

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