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  • 2How to add temperature to stories
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Instagram has a wide range of tools for publishing both full-fledged photos and videos, and stories that exist all day long.

Today we will figure out how to set the temperature in the history of Instagram on smartphones running IOS and Android, as well as find out the main reasons for the absence of this tool or problems when working with it.

How does the air temperature sticker work?

To work with this tool, you do not need to personally specify the region and city of residence.

The principle of its application lies in the connection of the application with the GPS located on the smartphone. Instagram automatically recognizes the geographic data of the device to find out the temperature nearby, and then displays it on the screen in the form of stylized numbers.

It is worth noting that this function has a dynamic appearance and changes depending on the change in temperature outside. This allows you to share only fresh and relevant information with subscribers.

How to add temperature to stories

Despite the obvious similarities between the two versions of the application for different mobile OS, each of them has unique features. Let’s take a look at each of the options separately.

On android

  1. So, launch Instagram and switch to story capturing mode by tapping on the profile thumbnail in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Once on the shooting screen, we take a photo or video, or use the gallery and load the desired file from there.
  3. Here we are interested in the square emoticon icon on the top toolbar (see screenshot below).
  4. A list of all available stickers will open. We need to find an image of the temperature.
  5. All that remains is to set its position on the screen and share it with subscribers. It is worth noting that the user has the opportunity to change the temperature design and choose the one he likes most from the 5 available to choose from. To change the style, just tap on the numbers.

On iPhone

  1. For IOS, the walkthrough is almost identical. First, let’s move on to shooting Stories.
  2. We shoot a video or take a photo using the white circle on the bottom panel in the center.
  3. On the preparation for publication screen, we are interested in the sticker icon.
  4. The last step is to select a temperature icon and apply it to the desired area of ​​the history.

Why does the sticker disappear?

Basically, the reason for the incorrect operation of this tool is the settings of the phone itself. In the example below, an Android device will be used, however, the manual is practically the same for IOS.

  1. First, you need to call the upper settings curtain. To do this, simply swipe from top to bottom. In the menu that appears, find the ” Location” item and make sure that it works.
  2. If the first option has not been disabled, go to settings and tap on the ” Location” section .
  3. Next, we need to find ” Instagram” in the list and click on it once.
  4. A menu will open where the user is allowed to customize how they interact with the application. We select ” Application permissions“.
  5. In some cases, the position of the ” Location” item is set to ” Deny “. We also need to set ” Allow in active mode “.

Now you know how to set the temperature in Instagram history, as well as fix the main reasons for its disappearance from the set of stickers. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the set of publishing tools yourself and decide on your own list of suitable stickers. Often, users find conditional favorites for themselves and periodically dilute the feed with publications using them.


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