How to put the temperature in Instagram Stories?

If you ask a user who uses the Instagram App about their favorite function, they will tell you about the stories. And there are no limits to everything you can do when creating content and publishing it through this medium. New options are added every day and now there is a new function with which you can put the temperature in Instagram Stories .

Instagram is listed as one of the most used and popular social networks in the world and I think that no one can deny that truth. Since it allows you not only to publish creative content in your stories , it also allows you to use other tools. Whether they are to fix your photos, make multicaptures, take photos with a filter, among others.

And this is what we are talking about, using other tools that allow us to create original content and upload it in our stories. Therefore, we will tell you what easy-to-use options you have to put the temperature on Instagram Stories . And in the case of not having these, what other alternatives do you have to use and share with your followers.

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  1. How can you insert the temperature in real time to your Stories?
    1. With a sticker
    2. Adding a GIF
  2. What to do if the temperature sticker or GIF does not appear on Instagram?
    1. Activate your GPS
    2. With InstaWeather
  3. How to add the time and place from where you share your Storie?

How can you insert the temperature in real time to your Stories?

If you want to share in your stories the temperature or how hot or cold is the place where you are when you upload your publication. You can make use of different tools that Instagram has and without having to use another application. You can find these in the upper bar of options to insert Stickers or GIF.

With a sticker

The first option you have to insert the temperature in your stories are the Stickers, but it is necessary that you have this sticker. Although you can create your own stickers for Instagram stories . The first step is to enter the App and then enter your profile by clicking on the profile photo, the next step is to make your story in the usual way.

The next step will be to go to the edit bar and click on the ‘Stickers or sticker’ icon. Find and select the sticker that shows the degrees centigrade , remember that the App automatically sets the current temperature where you are. Now choose between the 4 different models that the sticker has to offer the temperature and that’s it.

Adding a GIF

It is very likely that you do not have the temperature sticker, in this case you must use the GIFs, which you can find from the stickers. Once you enter its window, find and select the GIF option. And find and select the one that shows the temperature, here you will find GIFs previously made, so you should look for one that suits your story.

What to do if the temperature sticker or GIF does not appear on Instagram?

There is the possibility that you do not have any sticker  or GIF on your Instagram that offers the temperature and you are wondering what to do then. Although it is possible to upload or put any GIF from the internet in your Instagram Stories . The most advisable thing in this case is that you use other tools, and then we will tell you what they are:

Activate your GPS

The first option you have to put the temperature in your stories automatically is by activating the GPS, in this way the App will have access to your location. To do this procedure you must enter the notification center of your phone. Once inside, you must click on the ‘Location’ option and now just wait for the App to register your location.

If this action is not carried out it is because this function is not active, in this case you must enter the phone’s settings and select the ‘Applications’ option . This action will show you on the screen a list with all the App installed on the smartphone. The next step is to choose the option ‘Instagram’ and then click on ‘Permissions’.

You will be taken to a new window where you can see various options such as Storage, Camera, Contacts, Microphone and Location. In our case we will click on this last option. And finally, click on the option ‘Allow only with the App in use’ in this way the temperature will  be displayed automatically in Instagram stories .

With InstaWeather

InstaWeather is a very versatile tool that will allow you to place the weather information on your Instagram stories at this time. This App is available for Android devices and for this you must download it from the Play Store. And you must do the same from the App Store to download the application on iOS devices.

How to add the time and place from where you share your Storie?

As we have already mentioned, it is possible to put anything we can imagine in an Instagram story. It is even possible to announce our birthday , but if we want to put the time and place from where your stories are shared . You will then have to make use of the famous Stickers and use the Location sticker.

It is important that you understand that this Sticker will show you a list of your location, where it will show the city, street, country or the name of a store. You just have to choose between the options it offers you and then you can change the size, color and location of the sticker. Now you will do the same with the Sticker  to put the time in your Instagram story.

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