How Vivo Easy works

Vivo Easy does not require a monthly commitment and can be a good option; understand how the mechanics of the digital plan work and know when it is worth hiring.

Vivo Easy is a digital plan with mechanics that are very different from what we are used to in cellular services. With packages that do not have an expiration date, hiring is done via the app and payment is made by credit card. Understand how the daily rate dynamics works, for whom it is worth it and how to hire.

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Vivo Easy (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)


  • Who is Vivo Easy worth it for?
  • Billing mechanics: services without an expiration date
  • How to hire Vivo Easy?
    • How to port to Vivo Easy?
  • Vivo Easy internet packages
  • Daily calls and SMS
  • Unlimited App Dailies
  • Vivo Easy Prime or Vivo Easy Traditional?
    • Vivo Easy Prime plans
    • Is Vivo Easy Prime worth it?
  • What are the Vivo Easy payment methods?
  • Do I need to pay any monthly fees or fees for the traditional Vivo Easy?
  • International roaming on Vivo Easy

Who is Vivo Easy worth it for?

Due to its billing mechanism, Vivo Easy can be advantageous for certain usage profiles. Check out some examples:

  • who uses little mobile internet and stays connected to Wi-Fi for a long time;
  • who needs a lot of mobile internet, but only at specific times (when traveling, for example);
  • who wants to keep a low-cost spare line, or an active SIM card to use with WhatsApp;
  • who makes moderate use of mobile internet, but does not usually make conventional calls.

If you have a habit of constant consumption on your cell phone, with a lot of mobile internet per month and/or daily calls, it is important to do the math because Vivo Easy may not be the ideal choice.

Billing mechanics: services without an expiration date

One of the main pillars of Vivo Easy is that contracted services do not have an expiration date . This applies to both the internet package, calls and unlimited daily rates for the app.

So, you can hire a 100 GB internet package and use it over a year, for example. The same goes for app or call rates: they will only be deducted from your balance when there is consumption.

For this reason, Vivo Easy is the ideal plan for those who rarely use their cell phones, or for those who spend most of their time connected to Wi-Fi. Unlike conventional plans, there is no monthly fee (except in the case of Vivo Easy Prime, which has recurrence).

Internet packages, daily rates for apps or daily calls can be easily contracted at any time through the Vivo Easy application. It is also possible to activate automatic renewal in case the balance of any service runs out, preventing the customer from being without communication

How to hire Vivo Easy?

The only way to subscribe to Vivo Easy is through the application, available for iOS and Android smartphones . As it is a digital plan, there is no point in requesting a contract at a physical store or calling Vivo’s customer service — sellers usually offer other plans as an alternative.

Vivo Easy application (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

It is not possible to create a new line directly in the Vivo Easy plan. It is first necessary to activate a Vivo Pré chip, and then migrate to the digital plan.

Existing Vivo customers can migrate their current plan to Vivo Easy directly through the app. If you use the postpaid or control service, the conversion will be automatic and the old plan will be cancelled; if you use Vivo Pré, the recharge balance will be used in the purchase of the first package.

How to port to Vivo Easy?

Customers from other operators who want to switch to Vivo Easy must first request portability to a Vivo Pré plan . When the number is already on Vivo, just proceed with the subscription through the Vivo Easy app.

It is possible to request number portability at a physical store or on the Vivo website. You will need to pay for the chip, and the process takes up to 3 business days.

Vivo Easy internet packages

Vivo Easy has several internet package options, ranging from 1 GB to 100 GB. These are the prices:

internet package Price
1 GB R$ 8,99
2 GB R$ 15,99
3 GB R$ 22,99
4 GB R$ 26,99
5 GB R$ 30,99
10 GB R$ 53,99
20 GB R$ 89,90
50 GB R$ 179,99
100 GB BRL 269.99
Includes cashback of BRL 100

Considering conventional plans, the price seems expensive. However, it is necessary to consider that Vivo Easy internet packages do not have a defined expiry date, and it is possible to use the service for one month, six months, one year, and so on.

The best value for money is in the 100 GB package

As the packages do not have an expiration date, the best cost-benefit is in the larger deductibles . It’s the wholesale logic: Vivo Easy has 1 GB for R$9.99, but those who buy 100 GB at once will pay only R$2.99 ​​for each gigabyte.

Vivo Easy services are contracted through the app (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

By far, the 100 GB package is the most interesting: in addition to having the lowest price per gigabyte, it includes R$100 cashback . This amount can be consumed with Vivo Easy services and must be used within a maximum of five days after purchase.

You can use the cashback balance to buy more internet, daily apps or daily voice calls.

Daily calls and SMS

As it is not a monthly plan, Vivo Easy does not include traditional voice calls. The operator sells daily calls and unlimited SMS messages, which follow the same mechanics as the internet package: there is no expiration date, and these daily rates are only deducted when you make calls.

No need to worry about incoming calls. They do not deduct from daily calls and the customer continues to answer his calls normally, even without voice balance.

call diary Price
1 night R$ 1,29
30 daily R$ 25,80

The Vivo Easy voice rates allow the customer to make unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones of any operator, including DDD using 15. The service also includes unlimited sending of SMS to numbers of any operator.

As the daily rates are only discounted if the user makes a call, it is much more advantageous to buy the package with 30 nights, as the cost of each unit drops to R$ 0.99.

Those who opt for Vivo Easy Prime (monthly plan) do not need to worry about daily calls, as the subscription already includes unlimited calls.

Unlimited App Dailies

In addition to internet packages, Vivo Easy also sells daily unlimited use of apps. In this way, the data transmitted by these apps does not deduct from the main internet package.

Vivo Easy lets you buy unlimited internet, calls and apps (Image: Disclosure / Vivo)

The purchase of app per diems is not mandatory to use the apps . Therefore, it is possible to use Instagram on Vivo Easy normally without buying a daily rate — the difference is that the data is deducted from the main internet package.

It is possible to buy from one to 30 nights on Vivo Easy, and the price for the 30-night package is significantly lower. Check out the options and prices:

Application 1 night 30 daily
Netflix R$ 2,69 R$ 26,90
YouTube R$ 2,69 R$ 26,90
Spotify R$ 1,79 R$ 17,90
Facebook + Instagram R$ 1,79 R$ 17,90
TikTok R$ 1,79 R$ 17,90
Twitter R$ 1,29 R$ 1,29
WhatsApp R$ 0,89 R$ 8,90
Tinder R$ 0,89 R$ 8,90
Pinterest R$ 0,89 R$ 8,90
Moovit + Waze R$ 0,89 R$ 8,90

In my opinion, it’s not always worth having a stash of app dailies. If you buy 30 days of Netflix, for example, and use the application on a given day just to explore the catalog, you will have a daily consumed for low 4G internet usage.

As it is not possible to deactivate the use of daily rates by the application, I believe that these packages may be worthwhile on specific days, when you are sure that you will use the app a lot over 4G.

Another important point is that Vivo restricts unlimited daily rates for exclusive use on smartphones . You can’t turn your cell phone into a router and have Netflix at ease on your smart TV, for example; in this scenario, traffic is deducted from the main internet allowance.

Vivo Easy Prime or Vivo Easy Traditional?

There are two categories in Vivo Easy: traditional (build it your way) or Prime (with automatic renewal). Understand the differences between them:

Feature live easy traditional Vivo Easy Prime
data plan Need to buy separate packages Data package included in the monthly renewal
It is also possible to purchase separately
Connections It is necessary to buy per diems for single connections Includes unlimited calls
app dailies Separate app per diem purchase required Unlimited WhatsApp for 30 days on all plans
Spotify daily 30 on Vivo Easy Prime Alive plan
Cashback Only in specific packages
Validity of 5 days
From BRL 10 to BRL 45 every month, depending on the chosen plan
Validity of 5 days
billing method Prepaid, with single contract for all services
It is possible to activate automatic purchase after internet and daily rates end
Monthly billing for the Vivo Easy Prime plan
Separate contracting of daily rates for apps and more internet
It is possible to activate automatic purchases after the end of internet and daily rates
Validity of packages packages do not expire Internet balance accumulates
Packages do not expire and can be used until the end
Form of payment credit card credit card
loyalty does not have Does not have
Easy Prime Package can be canceled at any time
Customer returns to conventional Vivo Easy with the same internet balance

Vivo Easy Prime plans

These are the prices for Vivo Easy Prime:

Plano Services included Cashback mensal monthly price
Light 6 GB of
WhatsApp internet without discounting the
SMS allowance and unlimited calls
R$ 10 R$ 29,99
Essential 9 GB of
WhatsApp internet without discounting the
SMS allowance and unlimited calls
R$ 10 R$ 39,99
Alive 12 GB of internet
30 days of Spotify
WhatsApp without deducting from the
SMS allowance and unlimited calls
R$ 20 R$ 54,99
Especial 18 GB of
WhatsApp internet without discounting the
SMS allowance and unlimited calls
R$ 30 R$ 79,99
Super 24 GB of
WhatsApp internet without discounting the
SMS allowance and unlimited calls
R$ 40 R$ 99,99

If you are interested in any of the Vivo Easy Prime plans, it is worth checking the Vivo website before subscribing. The operator routinely releases discount coupons that give more cashback in the first month of using the plan.

Is Vivo Easy Prime worth it?

It depends on the usage profile. For those who usually make daily voice calls, the cheapest Vivo Easy Prime plan can be an interesting alternative, as it already has unlimited calls.

Whoever joins the conventional Vivo Easy and makes voice calls every day will pay R$ 29.70 for 30 daily calls. It is still necessary to consider the use of mobile internet, which is not included in this price and costs from BRL 9.90 for 1 GB.

The most basic Vivo Easy Prime package costs BRL 29.99 per month, and includes 6 GB of internet and BRL 10 of cashback — which can be converted into another 1 GB, for example.

What are the Vivo Easy payment methods?

The only payment method available at Vivo Easy is a credit card . Unlike other plans, it is not possible to add a top-up balance, use debit cards or pay by bank slip.

Those who do not have a credit card can pay for Vivo Easy using prepaid credit cards, which are usually offered in digital accounts such as Mercado Pago, Iti, PagBank, etc.

Even if you use little mobile internet, it might be worth subscribing to Vivo Easy Prime for a few months. It is possible to stock up on the data package, then migrate to the conventional Vivo Easy and contract the daily rates for single calls.

Do I need to pay any monthly fees or fees for the traditional Vivo Easy?

No, you only pay for the contracted packages. However, Vivo informs that the line may be canceled if the service is not used or purchases of new packages within a period of 30 days.

International roaming on Vivo Easy

It is possible to use international roaming on Vivo Easy, but the billing works like a prepaid plan. Through the plan’s app itself, the customer can add balance for use abroad.

These are the prices:

Service Price
Calls (make or receive) R$1.29 per minute
Mobile Internet BRL 0.19 per megabyte
SMS sent BRL 0.19 per message
SMS received Free

There are some rules to be able to add international roaming balance. It is necessary that the customer has at least three months of use in Vivo Easy, and has purchased at least R$ 100 in plan services.

It is important that the customer checks the coverage in international roaming in the Vivo Easy app. In several destinations it is not possible to use mobile internet, with communication restricted to voice calls and SMS.


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