How to write in the left or right side margins in Word

Microsoft Word computer software has become one of the most widely used tools. It contains a wide variety of functions that make using it a smooth and easy experience. If you have ever wondered how to write on the left or right side margins in Word ; a practical Word solution to achieve this will be presented.

Learn to write in the left or right side margins in Word

Microsoft Word contains a function called comment. A comment is a note that a writer or reviewer can make on a document.

When you create such a note or comment, a balloon is added to the right side of the Word sheet. This balloon shows all the elements or comments made on the document. They are shown in the margins so as not to modify the layout of the document.

Comments can be used and made visible in the Web Design and Print Design views . It is very easy to create these comments, in addition, they can be edited, answered or deleted. Here are the steps to write in the left or right side margins in Word using the comment option:

Change control.

  1.  Open the document you want to edit and write in the margins .
  2. Hover over the part of the text where you want to add a comment. You can add a comment for one or more words, paragraphs or on a whole sheet.
  3. Go to the top menu and choose the “Review” option .
  4. Later you will see the option ” New comment “, when you click a balloon will appear on the right side of the document.
  5. Position yourself on the balloon and you can add a new comment. Which will be identified with the name of the user, the date and time it was made.
  6. Then, you can go to the ” Change control ” option . There you will find the options available for the reviews of the comments written to the sides. With this option you can configure comments and permissions so that other users can review, modify and reply to them.

Right clicking

  1. Open the document to edit.
  2. Hover over the text you want to add a comment to. Select by right clicking and dragging the mouse until all the text is shaded.
  3. Keeping the area highlighted, left click and choose the ” New comment ” option .
  4. Doing so will enable the balloons on the right side of the document. You can click on the balloon to start writing the notes you want.

To write comment in the side margins

  1. Open the Word document for editing.
  2. In the upper menu choose the option ” Insert “.
  3. You will see that the menu is displayed with all the available options. Now choose the option ” Comment “. When you do this, you will see that the balloon to write the comment appears on the right side of the sheet.

Comments settings

Once the comments are created in the document, their use can be configured. At the same time, in the top menu of Word you must choose the option ” Review “. In fact, there you can access all the options regarding comments. For example, you can delete one or all comments, grant or block permissions, and change the display format.

If you have allowed other users to modify the comments, they can also add comments that will be identified with the username . They can also reply to existing comments. If you have already modified the text and want to delete the comment, you can go to the option resolve comment.

Take advantage of these and other Microsoft Word features . When writing in the left or right side margins in Word using comments. You can easily locate information, add clarifications , modifications, ideas, etc. In short, it is a valuable tool to simplify the use of this computer program.


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