How to easily combine and sync two different Outlook calendars

Daily responsibilities motivate us to use tools to organize different tasks. Thanks to the Outlook messaging service, we can combine and synchronize two different calendars and thus better manage our time.

For this reason, we recommend reading this article with which you will learn  How to combine and synchronize two different Outlook calendars easily

The useful Outlook “Calendar” tool

The “Calendar” is an element integrated into the contacts, e-mail and other features of Outlook. This tool allows users to schedule reminders for appointments, events, tasks and other actions from the messaging service.

Outlook Calendar Features

The Outlook calendar allows you to organize meetings, create appointments, view other calendars in parallel, view group schedules, manage other users’ calendars and subscribe to other calendars through the internet network or even activate the connection function to offline internet from .

How to easily combine and sync two different Outlook calendars

To easily combine and synchronize two different Outlook calendars, you must perform a procedure based on the export and import of the calendars and the use of certain tools as explained below.

Combine two different Outlook calendars

Outlook does not offer a direct option that allows you to combine calendars. However, it is possible to export the secondary calendar and import it into Microsoft Outlook and then run the merge using the “calendar overlay” .

Export secondary calendar from another app

First of all, you need to export the calendar that you use as a child component. To do this, open the Outlook application or log in from the Outlook website and locate the “Calendar” or “Calendar” option. Open the settings and click “Import and export” from the navigation menu.

Select “Export” for the application to generate a compressed file of the secondary calendar in vCalendar (.vcs) format. Then, unzip this file using WinRAR or any other such program.

Import secondary calendar from main calendar in Outlook

Locate the “File” menu in Outlook. Then, choose the option “Open and export.” Click on “Import or export” to see the wizard that will help you import the file through the option “Import iCalendar or vCalendar file” and press the “Next” button.

Once you do this, you will see the secondary calendar that you have imported from the “Other calendars” section. From now on, you can consult and view the two calendars whenever you need them.

Tip to combine the two calendars successfully

It is important that you verify that the secondary and main calendars are not “published calendars”   or “internet calendars” . To do this, you must go to the “File” menu and “Data file management”. There, you will find several tabs that indicate which components belong to the mentioned calendar types.

If the secondary calendar and the main calendar are not part of this classification, the import and export procedure will be carried out successfully.

Apply the calendar overlay

It is possible to combine two calendars by overlapping. To do this, access the main calendar, find the option “Calendar” or “Calendar” and check the checkbox of the secondary calendar.

Afterwards, click on “View in overlay mode”. In this way, you will be able to view the two calendars each time you open the default calendar .

Synchronize the two Outlook calendars

To synchronize the two Outlook calendars, you must go to the “Calendar” tab from the Outlook application and click on the three lines found in the upper left corner. Verify that your email address has the “Calendar” option enabled, which refers to ActiveSync settings .

If the option is not checked, go to the “Settings” section and select your email account. Then click “reset account” to activate automatic syncing of active calendars. If you want to align an Apple device with the changes you’ve made to your account, you can sync Outlook calendar with iPhone automatically .


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