How to watch streaming tv series on iPad

Do you want to watch free tv series on iPad ? Are you looking for a way to watch all TV series for free on your iPad? Here is the guide you’ve been waiting for.


More and more YLU readers contact me because they want to know how to watch free streaming TV series on iPad.

As usual, since I cannot answer all readers individually, I have decided to publish a simple, clear and quick guide in which I explain the best way to watch streaming TV series for free on iPad.

If you too have just bought a  beautiful brand new iPad and are ready to make the most of it, this guide will explain the most convenient way to watch all the TV series you want in streaming for free. And when I say “all TV series, I mean all of them: the oldest ones, the most recent ones and even those just broadcast on satellite TV or on Netflix .

So, if you are already sitting on the sofa or lying in bed and are ready to enjoy some free streaming TV series on the large and beautiful screen of your iPad, let’s see how to do it without wasting any more time. The only thing you have to do is choose the TV series:  you will have so many available that it will not be easy to find the perfect one on the first try.

But enough with the chatter, let’s start with the guide.

All the information you find below are for illustrative purposes only. Illegally downloading, watching and sharing copyrighted audiovisual material from the internet is a crime. It is not our intention to encourage piracy, therefore we decline any responsibility for the use of the information present here, which among other things is available with a simple search on Google or any other search engine.


The steps to follow to reach your goal are few and simple. You will only have to:

  • turn on the iPad
  • connect it to the internet via WiFi(you can also use the 3G / 4G connection, but in this case you consume a lot of traffic)
  • start the internet browseron the iPad. ADVICE : from the App Store, download an internet browser with integrated ADBLOCK, it will be useful to block any banners and misleading advertisements that could open. Among the best, I recommend Firefox , Brave , Opera Touch
  • via internet browser go to the BONDsite (if it does not work, find out the updated address of the site by reading this article: Tanti Film new address )
  • within the site, search for the movie or TV series you want to watch for free in streaming
  • click on the posterof the movie you have chosen to stream for free
  • scroll the page until you find the video player
  • click on the play button and enjoy the TV series in streaming for free on iPad

As you can see, for each TV series you can also see the trailer and read the plot, in order to understand immediately if it is right for you or you might like it.


If for any reason you do n’t like the site that I indicated in alternative 1 , it doesn’t work, it has problems of any kind , you can find alternative sites to try on your iPad in this article, which of course we always keep updated:

  • The best free Italian streaming movie sites | THE BEST UPDATED


If you prefer to use an app to watch streaming TV series on iPad , you can read our article in which we reviewed the best app to watch free streaming TV series on iPhone and iPad>  App to watch free iPhone movies and TV series.

It is a completely free program , easy to use, which in a few clicks allows you to watch (and download) any movie and TV series on iPhone and iPad.

Here is a short guide that explains how to use this app (which is called Veezie):

  • download Veeziefrom the App Store and install it on iPad> LINK
  • configure Veezieby entering the required channels. To do this, read this in-depth article:  Veezie Channel List
  • use Veezie to searchfor  the movie you are interested in
  • found the film,  choose the host among the various proposalsand, when the window appears,  select the item OPEN IN SAFARI


If you use the Telegram messaging app , this is the best solution to use.

As you may know, on Telegram there are many channels that allow you to watch and download TV series for free, even those just released on Sky, Netflix, Disney + and all other platforms. It is enough to know these channels to see practically everything in streaming for free.

And in this article we have looked for (and always keep updated) the best channels Telegram TV series: Telegram channels TV series | THE BEST ALWAYS UPDATED

Just a few clicks will be enough for:

  • search for the TV series that interest you
  • watch them in streaming on Telegram or download them in one click on iPhone and iPad, for free, without registration and without advertising

In the face of all these alternatives, I advise you to read our article thoroughly and follow the path you prefer. 


And if by chance you have an HDMI cable to connect iPad to TV or use a key like Chromecast , you can enjoy the TV series directly on the large screen of your television, without necessarily watching it on the “small” iPad screen.


Has watching TV series become your favorite hobby and would you like to find a way to see them anywhere and more comfortably?

It’s time to find out how to watch free streaming TV series on iPad!

Your mobile device, in fact, is the ideal solution for watching your favorite TV series: comfortable, practical, fast and above all usable anywhere.To watch free TV series on iPad you need to download special applications or you need to know the best sites that broadcast them in streaming. In both cases, however, thanks to our indications you will be able to reach your goal and watch streaming TV series for free on iPad without a subscription  and you will be able to see what you want, when you want.

Thanks to our guidance and advice, the only requirement will be an internet connection.

As I told you at the beginning of the article, then, I tested the guide on various iPad models  (actually even on the iPhone) and it always worked without problems. In case of changes, news and modifications, we will still update the article in order to always offer you perfectly updated and functional content. 

That’s all for this guide. In case of doubts or questions, however, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

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