How To Watch Netflix without Connection

Netflix is ​​the most used video streaming platform in the world and its catalog is so vast that you will never stop seeing new content. Between movies and TV series exclusively Netflix is “like a drug” from which you will hardly be able to free yourself, indeed you will also want to see it even while you are out and about. So you may be wondering if it is possible to watch Netflix without a connection ; the good news is that you can download movies from Netflix to watch them later even offline on the go without wasting the gigabytes of your rate plan.

The procedure to download movies from Netflix is ​​very simple and indeed it is easier to do than to say so I will not dwell too much on useless preambles and I will immediately get to the point.

Watch Netflix without a connection

You can download movies from Netflix (but also complete series) thanks to the integrated function of the app (both from smartphones and on Windows), it is not possible to download videos from Netflix via the browser. So even on Windows you will have to download the Netflix app . available in the Microsoft store; it is a completely free app very similar to those for iOS and Android devices. It must also be said that not all contents are downloadable; in fact, for some titles it is not possible to use this procedure, there are few non-downloadable titles and in any case all the series and films produced by Netflix can be downloaded.

Before explaining how to watch Netflix without a connection I want to clarify what we are talking about. Netflix offers you the possibility (like all video streaming platforms now) to download movies from Netflix on your devices to be able to watch them later. In this way you can save the contents, for example, on your smartphone and view them at any time without having to use the internet (therefore even on the plane). These contents are saved in the device memory in the form of a series of encrypted files that can only be read by Netflix; then you will be able to see Netflix movies and series downloaded via app only. Furthermore, the downloads are available for a limited time after which the files are automatically deleted. So if you are wondering if with the Netflix download you can keep Netflix contents forever the answer is no! Recently a couple of applications have been produced that allow you to download and save movies downloaded from Netflix in avi format but obviously this procedure violates the conditions of use of the Netflix platform.

That said, the procedure for downloading movies from Netflix is ​​pretty much the same on any app you use (Windows, iOS, or Android).

What you have to do, once you have identified the title you are interested in, click on it to open the detail window of the title (where the plot is also written) and from there click on the Download icon (if it is not present it will say that that title cannot be downloaded); for TV series the download symbol is available next to each episode so you can choose which episode to download but you can also configure the automatic download of the series you are following in the Netflix settings.

To see Netflix without a connection, that is, to see everything you have downloaded, you just need to press the button at the bottom that says Download (or Downloaded depending on the version of the app); a window will open containing all the material that you have downloaded and that you can see offline.

The Netflix catalog is huge but it is complex to search or explore it, for this reason I also recommend you install the Upflix app which allows you to comfortably browse the entire catalog and show you the new releases day by day.

Upflix  is available for Android and iOS in a free version with advertisements that can be eliminated with an optional in-app purchase of € 0.99.

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