How to watch Netflix from phone to TV?

How to watch Netflix from phone to TV? Netflix is ​​one of the VOD platforms with the most demand worldwide, this is one of the ones that offers the most advantages to its subscribers, it has various plans that range from two screens to five screens . In which users will be able to simultaneously watch each one a different program without interfering with those of the others.

Apart from this, it can also be downloaded on mobile equipment and can be enjoyed on televisions and computers in the same way , it has a large number of documentary series and films, ranging from classics to original productions of almost any genre.

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How to watch Netflix on TV

The most logical and easy alternative to enjoy all the content of this platform from the TV, is through its official app . This is already available on smart TVs, so if you have one, you just have to configure your account and that’s it, to enjoy all the content that Netflix can offer you.

In the case of not having a smart TV, you will have the alternative of using external equipment such as Chromecast, this is a popular dongle that adapts to many TV models, in this case it makes the connection in the HDMI posts, connecting it to the USB port of TV is where it draws the energy necessary to function.

This is only an intermediary , this will only be the one that takes the information from the mobile to the TV, obviously you will need to have the application downloaded on the mobile and of course with a Wi-Fi connection. Press transmit and later you will select the Chromecast connection from the list that appears on your mobile.

Another alternative

The above is just one of the alternatives to be able to enjoy the platform on your TV, there are some others that are even more versatile than the previous one, among them we can name you Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Roku. With these options it will be easier to bring Netflix to your TV, since they do not require any external support for the app, or other devices.

They simply connect to the HTMI inputs and have a Wifi connection. If you must download and configure the official app . You start your session in a regular way ready to enjoy your favorite programming.

With an HDMI cable

Another alternative that you can use is to connect an HDMI cable from your computer to your TV , this type of connection will give you the advantage that it is not necessary to carry out any type of extra configuration to have audio and video completely synchronized You only have to connect each end to the devices, that is, one to the TV and the other to the computer.

This alternative will allow you to view the computer screen on the TV, and thus you will be able to enjoy all the Netflix programming on your TV, as well as several alternatives to do so.

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