How to Change Windows Web Navigator

Not all web browsers (browsers) are the same and not all offer the same performance; if your PC is not recent then a particular browser may be too “heavy” and internet browsing speed may be affected. For this reason it is important to find the best browser for your needs and change the Windows Web Browser if required.

Are you planning to change your browser or have you already downloaded a web browser but when you open a web page it continues to open the web browser you don’t like? I realize that at first it could all be complicated but if you lend me 5 minutes of your life I will explain step by step how to change Windows Web Browser and also how to make it the default browser.

So enough with useless chatter and let’s get to the heart of the matter immediately.


  • Change Windows Web Navigator
    • Switch to Firefox
    • Switch to Chrome
    • Change default browser in Windows 10

Change Windows Web Navigator

Switch to Firefox

Have you decided to change your default browser and switch to Firefox by replacing your default windows browser (internet explorer or Microsoft Edge)? Very well, you will first have to download and install firefox and then change the default windows browser.

To download Firefox connected to this page and press the Download Firefox button . Once the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file to start the installation; the procedure will be very simple, you just have to press Yes and then the Install button .

Then you will have to choose if you want to import existing bookmarks on other web browsers on your computer and press the Next button  .

The installation will go on by itself and you don’t have to do anything else. When the installation is complete you will be asked if you want to use Firefox as your default browser; if you want to change your default browser and switch to firefox press on Use Firefox as default browser .

Switch to Chrome

What if you have decided to change the Windows Web Browser and switch to Chrome? Good choice! This free browser made by google works really well and is very fast so your internet browsing will surely suffer for the better.

I must premise that you will find different versions of google chrome but I always advise you to download the most stable version ignoring the beta versions which may contain several bugs.

So to change the default browser and go to chrome first download the latest version from this page by clicking on the button that says Download Chrome .

The download will start and the installation of the google navigation will start, remove the check from the item “Help us to improve ….” if you want to avoid that statistics on the use of the browser are sent automatically (with any risk on privacy) and press the Accept and Install button to confirm that you adhere to the terms of service described above, then press Yes  and the program will be downloaded to your PC .

Also in this case you can import bookmarks and passwords that you had stored on the old web browser by clicking on   Import favorites now  at the top left.

Finally, to set chrome as the default browser, just open it and press the button at the top right with 3 dots and from the menu that opens, select the Settings item   . From the window that opens, click on the Default Browser item on the left and then press the set as default button .

Change default browser in Windows 10

Beyond all the solutions above in Windows 10, you can easily change your default browser at any time directly from Windows. To set up a browser in windows 10 you need to:

  1. Press the Startbutton  (the button at the bottom left of the windows bar) and write in the box above  Default apps
  2. From the results choose Default apps.
  3. Press under the word browserto open the list of browsers currently installed on the PC, from the list choose the browser to set as default and then close the window to make the changes.

So in conclusion, as you have seen, changing Web Navigator is really simple and you can switch to firefox or chrome in a few minutes, never excluding the possibility of returning to using your old web browser. If you are looking for other guides for Windows you will find them here .

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