How to use the Switch remote as a camera shutter on your Samsung Galaxy

The Nintendo Switch is not only suitable for installing Android , its Joy-Con can be used as game controllers on mobile phones. And much more: just link any of the Joy-Con to a Samsung Galaxy for the remote to act as a camera shutter . And without installing any kind of software.

The versatility of the Nintendo Switch was clear from its inception; not in vain the brand insisted that its console could be used anywhere and without the need to anchor itself to the TV in the dining room . This versatility was expanded as developers found passageways to load into the Switch from emulators to other operating systems. And the machine’s own hardware is extremely versatile, more than we imagined.

Pair a Joy-Con via Bluetooth and you have a remote camera trigger

Joy-Con connected to the Samsung Galaxy and ready to act as a camera shutter

Since the Joy-Con on the Nintendo Switch connect to the console via Bluetooth, and both controllers can function as a generic game controller , it is also possible to pair them with Android devices. This way you can play with the Joy-Con, but not only that: As Byotan discovered on Reddit , controllers can remotely activate the shutter button on the camera.


We tested Android TV on the Nintendo Switch: portable console, desktop and Smart TV

We have tested with several mobiles of different brands and with different layers of manufacturer. By default, in all Android devices a Joy-Con can be paired via Bluetooth, but not all camera applications recognize the action of the buttons on the remote as a photograph . Some yes, most no. And the Samsung Galaxy with One UI allow the action we are looking for without problem.

To use a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con as a remote camera shutter on the Samsung Galaxy you must do the following.

  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone.
  • Press and hold the Joy-Con’s central inner button, the round one, until the lights start to flash.
  • You will see that your Samsung Galaxy will have found the Joy-Con as a Bluetooth device. Click on it and accept the link.
  • The Joy-Con should already be connected to your mobile: the lights on the controller will have been fixed.
  • Now open the camera of the mobile, leave it resting as you want to take the photo, walk away and press on the Joy-Con. The app will automatically take the photo and save it in the gallery.

You can take all the photos you want from a distance, the Samsung app will take the photos as you press the ‘B’ button on the right Joy-Con or the ‘L’ trigger on the left Joy-Con . The Joy-Con behaves in One UI as if it were a Bluetooth trigger, just like the controls that stick selfies usually bring.

To shoot the camera you have to press the ‘B’ button if you paired the right Joy-Con and the ‘L’ trigger if you linked the left one

Carrying with a Joy-Con may not be the most comfortable if you want to take photos on the street, but to take group images indoors, or prepare photos on a tripod, it is a very practical tool. It’s easy to use and you don’t need to install anything on your Samsung Galaxy .


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