How to use the Mac OS X Mail autoresponder and save time

Communication channels are growing in importance in today’s society, in which programs and applications are increasingly effective and with greater functions to facilitate the exchange of information between two or more people, regardless of where in the world they are. … One of the many wonders that technology has granted.

Now, to understand how important and how effective these platforms, services or clients are, it is essential to know each and every one of their tools and functions. The list can seem endless, as there are many and, being constantly updated, it may not end. However, today you can review a very interesting function.

Do you still use your email?

In a world in which messaging applications are in full reign together with social networks, which have functions that allow the interaction and dissemination of information , it is difficult to remember email as more than a requirement for the configuration of a mobile device.

But yes, this communication channel is still widely used, despite the enormous popularity of other media. The most popular email services have done their best to implement the necessary tools to increase the frequency with which their users select them as the main means of communication .

Send and reply

Emails are still something very frequented by both institutions (of any field, but mainly governmental and educational). As for companies to get different types of information to their workers, clients, students, among others, in a more professional and efficient way .

For these organizations, precisely, it is essential that the person in charge of handling the electronic mail of the institution or company in any of its departments has extensive knowledge of the tools offered by the client or email service to attend to the requests and concerns of effective way .

Responding on time, even when you do not have all the time in the world, is important to build trust and comfort to whoever is trying to establish communication.

Automatic responses

All the subject of the fast and opportune answers, as well as the impression that can generate to some client. For example, it has even been understood as a basic and fundamental marketing strategy for any organization.

Autoresponder in Mac OS X Mail

Each email service or client has its very particular tools to carry out this action. However, this time you will have the possibility to explore the functions that an excellent mail service such as Mac OS X Mail has .

What do you need to do?

Activating  automatic responses in Mac OS X Mail is something that will not consume too much time, as long as you follow exactly each of the indications that will be shown in the following lines so that you learn to use this resource without major complications. Prepared?

  • Enter your Mac OS X Mail and go to the “Mail” section to later select the “Preferences” option.
  • Within the categories that are displayed, access the one called “Rules”.
  • Click on the option “Add rule”.
  • Assign a description to the automatic reply under “Description.”
  • Establish the criteria that you consider pertinent for the activation of autoresponder. (If it is enabled for any message, a specific email, only to senders who are in your contact list or VIP sender).
  • Once the criteria have been established, you must select “Reply to the message” and then click on “Reply to text message”.
  • Enter the text you want for the automatic reply.
  • Click on ” Accept “, save the changes made and close the “Rules” dialog.

Ready for action!

After having complied with these instructions, your Mac OS X Mail will be able to carry out automatic replies to specific contacts or to any email you receive. Based on the criteria you have set in the settings for this feature. Don’t wait much longer and activate it!


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