How to use sine, cosine and tangent function in Excel

Office programs are very useful software that we all use on a daily basis either at work or at home due to the tools they have. Many use Excel to make budgets, account for a purchase or keep track of their business activity.

Many people use Excel to calculate trigonometric functions because of how easy it is to carry out these mathematical operations on this worksheet. So relax, since the process is not complicated and you don’t have to be an expert to understand the guide that we are going to show you next.

What you should do is read very carefully and attentively the steps that we are going to give you so that you do not have any problems and you can calculate these functions easily. Also, and in case you need it, we teach you to count or add the number of cells with color in Excel

What are trigonometric functions?

Before showing you how to calculate these functions in the spreadsheet, it is appropriate to first talk about what a trigonometric function is so that you understand the explanation better. So you can have a broader point of view and refresh old knowledge that can help you a lot when working in Excel.

In mathematics, trigonometric functions are defined as the quotient between two sides of a right triangle whose values ​​are extensions of the concept of trigonometric ratio in a right triangle in a unit circle.

The importance of trigonometric functions is very high in branches of science such as physics, astronomy, cartography, nautical, telecommunications, the representation of periodic phenomena and in many other areas.

It is not surprising that many are interested in having a fast and accurate method to calculate these functions on their computer, since that will facilitate many processes and can save time. And one of these methods is to use the Excel spreadsheet, since it comes with the ability to do it in a simple way, so if you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry.

But before starting always remember to have the Excel program updated since the explanation that we are going to show you is applied to the latest available version of this program, which you can download and install Microsoft Office for free on Android

How to calculate trigonometric functions in Excel?

The procedure that you must carry out is very simple so follow the steps that we are going to show you below so that you do not have any problems. If you do it like this you can use the sine, cosine and tangent functions of the spreadsheet without any problem.

Step 1

The first step will be to open an Excel file, whether it is new or one where you are working and you need to do this mathematical operation. Next you must write the word grade and place it in column 1 of the spreadsheet and hit the fill button and then in series.

Within this section there will be an option called increment, there you must place the initial value 1 and the limit which is 360 which are the degrees.

Step 2

Once this is done, the next thing you should do is write the word radians in the wing box and place it in column 1 next to the degree. Then go to the top bar and look for the formulas section and then in insert function and select radians and where it says Angle put A2 which is the box where the value 1 is and repeat the process with all the other values.

Step 3

To find sinus, what you must do is locate yourself in box C2 and apply the same steps you did previously, but in functions you must put Sinus. To find Cosine it is the same as with Sine with the difference that in radians you will put the value of the functions and finally to find the tangent it is the same, but in the functions you put tangent.

Once you have all this ready, all you have to do is select sine, cosine and tangent and select the option insert graph and voila, you are finished, but you can also make a graph in Excel taking data from several sheets easily .


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