How to save email on Mac

It is inevitable! sooner or later you will find yourself in the situation of having to save emails on Mac to empty your now full inbox. You can also think about archiving mail on mac to make everything more orderly and better organize messages. regardless of the reason that pushes you to move the emails from your mailbox to the Mac, know that the procedure is really simple because you can do everything directly from the Mail app without having to install special programs. In this short article, without wasting too much on useless chatter, I will explain in detail how to archive mail on mac.

Save email on Mac

As I already told you, saving emails on Mac is child’s play and easier done than said; in fact, Apple’s default e-mail program, Apple Mail , already has the built-in function for archiving e-mails. By archiving the emails with Apple Mail you will automatically create a local mail folder where all the archived emails will be inserted.

The procedure for archiving emails on mac is very intuitive, you have to basically select the emails you want to archive and then you have to press the Archive button in the Mail toolbar.

Keep in mind that if you select a conversation then all the messages that compose it will be automatically archived.

The archived emails will be visible by selecting the Archive item in the left pane of Mail; you can also create folders within the archive to organize it as you see fit.

Find more information on how to archive mail on mac directly on the Apple support pages .

In conclusion, if you have space problems with your mailbox, you can save emails on Mac; the procedure is very simple and you will be able to continue to see the emails normally from the Apple Mail program even when they have been archived locally.

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