How to use the filter that changes eye color?

One of the most important things around social networks is photos. And in this field, the best application to retouch your photos is Instagram. This application over time has been improving its functions so that you can make many changes to your post.

Before you start using the application , one of the things you should do is verify that your Instagram camera has no problems . After seeing these settings, you can now use the Instagram application to do whatever you want.

In the stories section you can edit your photos with filters designed to make your photos more fun or improve the lighting of your photos and selfies so that they are better than being original.

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  1. How to download and use the ‘Ariel’ filter on your selfies to change the color of your eyes?
    1. Enter the profile of ‘Sophie’
    2. Find and select the filter ‘Ariel’
    3. Test the filter with your camera
    4. Download the new photo
  2. How to change the color of your eyes with the help of the ‘Eye Color Studios’ application?

How to download and use the ‘Ariel’ filter on your selfies to change the color of your eyes?

On Instagram it is not difficult to add or download new filters in case the ones you already have bore you or you don’t like them. The good thing about Instagram is that you don’t have to be looking for filters on other platforms or on internet pages to add them in the application.

If you want to add them, you can search for them in the same Instagram application, either from the profile of some of your contacts or from the filters section in the Instagram camera.

Enter the profile of ‘Sophie’


In one of the Instagram profiles you can find a filter for your eyes and thus change the color of your eyes for your photos. In the user search engine you will enter the name Sophie in this profile you will be able to find this filter.

If you want to add it to your filters and use it, you have to enter the photos of this profile. There, when loading the photo, there is the name of the filter used in the photo, click on the name of the filter and when loading click on the save option and you will have it in your filter menu.

Also, if you want your Instagram followers to have your same filters and enjoy them, you can tag your Instagram friends so that they too can benefit from them.

Find and select the filter ‘Ariel’

Instagram currently has several very useful effects such as the superzoom and more than a thousand filters with which you can edit your photos in the best possible way in the stories section that you find by sliding the screen to the right side. Now, pay attention to these steps so that you do not get confused when looking for this filter among the other filters.

  • Here you will choose any filter that is in this section, and you will click on the arrow that points down, which is the option to download this will be next to the name of the filter that you clicked.


  • Now you will have three options from which you will choose to Explore Effects. By doing this you will already have the effects menu that is separated into various effect alternatives.
  • To find the Arielfilter you will have to click on selfies and search among the other filters or use the search engine that has this filter section.

Test the filter with your camera

When you find it, you can save it in your filters or just test it to see if you like the result. This is not difficult, just touch the filter, there you will be able to choose the eye color you want to have in the photo or video.

Download the new photo

After trying the Ariel filter or any other filter on the list, you can take the photos or record the videos you want and save them in your cell phone’s storage without uploading it to an Instagram story. The moment you took the photo or video you will see an arrow pointing downwards , so it will already be saved in your gallery and you can upload it to any other social network you have.

How to change the color of your eyes with the help of the ‘Eye Color Studios’ application?

If you did not like the result of the Instagram filter to change the color of your eyes, it is not necessary to give up if you want to upload a photo with another color in your eyes. There is an application that has been designed specifically for this and it is called Eye Color Studios . This application has a large number of design and colors for you to change the color of your eyes.

As it is a professional application, the results to change the color of your eyes is much better than that of the Instagram filters so you will be more satisfied. This App is compatible with Android and iOS systems .

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