How To Use Eye Saver Program For Your Eye Health

On many occasions, we may have to spend many hours in front of our computer screen, in different light situations. For this reason, it is important for our eye health, to control the brightness of the screen and the blue light. If we always use the same level of brightness at any time of the day, we can end up suffering the so-called visual fatigue. To help us prevent it, we can choose to use a simple and free program such as Eye Saver, which we will talk about below.

When sitting in front of our computer and spending a whole day at work, it is convenient to take into account two fundamental aspects of our monitor, such as brightness and temperature. We must bear in mind that these settings must vary depending on the lighting conditions in our environment. For example, during the day, with greater clarity, it should affect a higher brightness. On the other hand, when night falls, the brightness should be reduced. In this way we reduce blue light, something that ends up favoring the health of our eyes, preventing the appearance of visual fatigue.

Take care of the visual health of your eyes with Eye Saver

Eye Saver is a simple eye protection software that will help us protect our eyes while working with our computer. The program is in charge of helping us mitigate the effects of blue light, since it is in charge of filtering the light emitted by the screen, making the colors warm and pleasing to the eye. It is also responsible for eliminating the invisible flicker of the screen backlight, which is the root cause of eyestrain and headaches.

In addition to this, the application can be programmed for automatic configuration activation which is especially useful during the afternoon and evening when the light conditions are lower. Another interesting function is that it has an alarm that allows us to set a rest reminder. In the same way, it gives us advice on how we should maintain good health in front of our PC screen.

For all this, we can summarize the main characteristics of Eye Saver:

  • Protect your eyes.
  • Prevents eye fatigue, redness and fatigue.
  • Eliminate the cause of the headache.
  • It allows us to work longer.
  • It makes us more productive.
  • It allows us to sleep better.

Eye Saver, set brightness and set breaks

Once we run the application, its simple main menu appears with a well-organized interface, although it is completely in English. First, it shows us its «Screen» section where we can configure both the brightness and the blue light (color temperature) depending on the lighting conditions. We can also check the boxes for effects, invert, grayscale and overlay.

Another option we found is “Automation Rules”. From here we can create rules to switch between different screen modes automatically when a certain application is running. In the case that two or more applications in the list are executing a rule, the one with a higher level will be applied.

The filters offered by the application are very good, being able to use preconfigured modes such as movies, hacker, reading, among others. Whatever filter or mode we choose, it will be applied automatically. However, the changes we make will disappear when we restart our PC. In the event that we want to keep the changes, we can choose to make the software run when Windows starts. To do this, we must go to the “Misc” tab and make sure to keep the “Run Eye Saver when Windows starts” box checked.

Another interesting feature of this program is the pause reminder, which we can configure in the “Breaks” tab. From here, we can enable the pause, set a duration of the rest and the time interval between pauses, set in minutes. In addition, you can set for how long you want the pause reminder notification to be displayed.

Conclusions: is Eye Saver a good solution against eyestrain?

As we have seen, Eye Saver is an application that will help us greatly in reducing blue light and preventing visual fatigue. We can modify the brightness and temperature on our own or set the automatic mode. We can also set different light modes depending on the program we are using. In addition, it will be possible to set break reminders to set breaks. All this makes Eye Saver a very interesting application, being completely free.

Free Download Eye Saver

Eye Saver is an application that will help us mitigate the effects of blue light and that we can download for free from its website . It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The application is installed quickly through its assistant, without it trying to introduce us to unwanted third-party software, being a safe software to use.

Alternatives to Eye Saver

If we are looking for an application that allows us to improve the quality of the viewing by reducing the blue filter and visual fatigue, we propose some alternatives to Eye saver that we should know:


It is a software that has been developed so that we can be able to adapt the color and brightness of the computer screen depending on the hours of the day. To do this, create a personalized lighting schedule every day, by configuring the location through Google Maps, and based on this adjust the parameters of our monitor. We can download it from this link .


This simple application allows us to set minimum and maximum brightness levels. In this way it will be adapted according to the different programs that we use on our PC. It also has an automatic brightness option, as well as the possibility of controlling the adaptation speed at which the brightness change occurs. We can download it for free from here .


This small application allows us to control the brightness of the screen of our laptop or an external monitor, being able to easily adjust the brightness of the screen, being possible to dim it when darkness prevails and the brightness is too high. It is compatible with various types of backlighting such as LCD, TFT and LED. In addition, it supports multiple screens , displays and monitors, we can download it from this link .


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