How to use SPID Poste

After hearing about SPID , the Public Digital Identity System, you have finally decided that it is finally time for you to use SPID Poste and thanks to my guide you have managed in a few minutes to have your own SPID of the Post Office but still not do you know how to use it? No problem, you are in the right place! In this guide, without getting too lost in useless chatter, I will explain to you in detail how spid poste works and how to use PosteID , the mail app necessary for SPID.


  • Use SPID Poste
    • SPID Security Levels
    • Configure PosteID
    • Use SPID Poste from Smartphone
    • Use SPID Poste from PC

Use SPID Poste

An obvious premise for using the post office SPID is that you have requested and received the post office SPID credentials; if not, refer to this guide to request credentials; the SPID is free and can be obtained by all citizens residing in Italy and of age; the procedure for the request is very simple and can be done online or by going directly to any post office.

SPID Security Levels

Before starting to see how spid poste works, it would be appropriate to clarify what the security levels of the SPID are. There are in fact 3 levels of SPID security:

  • SPID Level 1:used to access online services that contain data that are not particularly sensitive. To log in with the SPID, simply enter the username and password of the SPID Poste
  • SPID Level 2:used to access online services that require a higher degree of security. To access via SPID, the user name and password of the SPID Poste must be entered and the authentication attempt must then be validated with the PosteID app
  • SPID Level 3:used to access sites that require particular security: In this case, in addition to the username and password, it will be necessary to use cryptographic keys.

The free Post Office SPID allows you to manage Level 1 and Level 2

Configure PosteID

Then you will have to download the PosteID app on your smartphone, available for both iOS and Android operating system . This app will allow you to authorize access via SPID of the post office in the various sites (also via qr code). With PosteID and SPID you can then access the sites and services of the public administration, online services of the Italian post office and Italian Agencies; this app is essential to use the post office spid.

Once you have downloaded PosteID, all you have to do is enter the credentials of your mail spid (the ones you received via sms when activating the SPID mail) and you will be immediately ready to use SPID Poste. From the main PosteID screen, by pressing the key at the top right with the symbol of the two lines, you will access the menu and by pressing on settings you can enable Face-ID or fingerprint recognition (depending on the smartphone model owned).

Use SPID Poste from Smartphone

Now let’s see how spid poste works to authenticate to sites that require spid. When you have to access a web service from your smartphone with the SPID (for example the municipal website or that of the INPS) you will first have to press the button marked SPID (or enter with SPID or similar texts); a menu will be displayed in which you will have to choose the SPID manager and from here you will have to select PosteID .

A screen will then be displayed in which you will need to enter your username and password associated with the SPID (the credentials you used to enter the PosteID app). and press the Enter key with SPID .

A screen will be displayed which, purely for information purposes, will list the fields that will be sent to the site you are about to access; all you have to do is press the I agree button (sometimes called Continue ).

At this point, if SPID level 2 is required, a screen invites you to open the PosteID app and authorize access

Then open the PosteID app and press the Enter the App button, enter your SPID credentials.

On the main screen of the application you will see the access request of the site you want to enter; press the Authorize button .

At this point you can reopen the web browser and you will see that the access has been performed automatically via SPID.

Use SPID Poste from PC

If instead of the smartphone you are using a computer and you have to authenticate yourself to a site via spid, all you have to do is press on the entry Enter with SPID and select Post in the menu that will be displayed. At this point, a page with a QR Code will be displayed on the left.

All you have to do is open the PosteID app and press the Authorize button with QR Code and then frame the QR code shown on the PC with the camera of your smartphone and then click on Authorize.

So, wanting to summarize how spid poste works, to use SPID Poste you will need to use the PosteID app from your smartphone. From the PosteID app you will need to authorize authentication every time you use the SPID to authenticate yourself on some site.

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